4 Communication Habits of Successful Remote Teams

Communication is the foundation of every relationship. Good communication can even save lives, while a bad one can lead to damaging consequences to human society. Therefore, if we call it as important as the oxygen we breathe, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

And when it comes to business, communication is the pillar. The exchange of information in the business world is measured by seconds, accuracy, and quality. If these things are excluded, it can cause problems and even loss of profit.

Since the technological age brought new means of communicating, some businesses use remote teams to handle certain tasks. To delegate and assign proper workload, there has to exist stable and clear communication with the remote teams.

This can be achieved in several ways, and here are some communication habits of successful remote teams.

#1. Three means of communication

There are three ways of communication you can use for remote teams.

In-person communication is the one you will probably use the least but is very important to happen on the scheduled level. You can gather all remote teams once a year or more, if suitable, and discuss the goals and performance in person. Even though there are apps and tools which help you maintain regular communication, still nothing can replace the impression we get when meeting people in person.

Synchronous communication means that two or more people are communicating through the same methods and at the same time. This type of communication is usually the one used the most since it replaces the in-person meetings necessary in the company. It can be in writing or oral. A phone call is the first type of this means of communication, but today it’s mostly outdated. There are apps and programs like Skype that help you stay in touch more easily and even enhance the conversation with the visual aspect.

Asynchronous communication is impersonal but crucial for businesses. Remote teams don’t have to be in the same country or even the same time zone. That’s where this type of communication helps the business to keep on going without major problems. This means that you can leave a message in the written form via Slack, Skype, or Trello and the other person will see it at their convenience. However, asynchronous communication is not good for urgent matters, since it doesn’t happen in real-time.

#2. Informal communication

Just like you have a recreation area in the office where your employees can relax, you should also find ways to have more informal communication with remote teams. Talking about work all the time can create a stressful situation and after a while, productivity may suffer.

To prevent this, for example, have people enter their birthdays in their profiles on the internal system you use. Even though you can’t be present, you can send them a gift and a card. In addition, all other employees who work with remote teams from the office can congratulate them in person.

#3. Transparency

Just like informing employees at the office, you have a responsibility to be transparent to remote teams. No matter that they work outside the office space, they are still part of your business and should know your goals. You can schedule a weekly communication with all remote teams to tell them about the progress and current goals.

Additionally, they can attend regular office meetings thanks to modern technology in real-time. That way you will boost their motivation and show them they’re an important part of your company. Even though they are not part of everyday office life, they’re still valuable contributors to its success.

Use a rostering tool to manage employee schedules, assignments and create announcements. This will help you be more transparent with your remote teams, as well as keep track of the assigned work. Additionally, remote teams can give you suggestions on how to improve your business and achieve your goals more easily.

#4. Commend the success

While pointing out the mistakes is a way to solve the issues and continue on the right path, commending a well-done job is also important. Your employees like to know what you think of them and how they handle the workload. The same applies to employees working remotely, and since you can’t do it in person, it’s always nice to show them you care.

Certain platforms allow you to commend the employees directly, or you can simply do it during the regular staff meeting in front of everyone. Whatever you choose, make sure that you don’t forget someone and that everyone feels like part of the team. This will not only boost productivity but also raise morale and create loyal employees even those who work remotely.


There is no excuse for bad or inadequate communication today. With so many options before you, it’s easy to choose the most appropriate and suitable one for your type of business. Remember, communication is something we do every day even when we don’t say a word. So, it’s important to grow and create a successful business is imperative and necessary.

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