Three Effective Ways to Use Customer Relationship Automation Technology

As a business owner, you definitely understand the importance of providing top-notch customer service. While you would like to get to know each customer by interacting with them directly, your company is so busy and you have so many clients, this is simply not possible.

Fortunately, thanks to customer relationship management (CRM) software, it is quite possible to automate the process of engaging with customers while meeting their needs. To understand how customer relationship automation can improve sales and use this technology as effectively as possible, consider the following:

Automated Customer Tracking

Most companies need to make contact with a potential client 6 to 10 times before he or she will become a buying customer. Customer relationship automation technology can help your company keep track of each client through this process of “lead to paying customer” while also making sure that leads are not sent over to your sales team until they have reached that threshold; this way your sales team will be able to focus their energy on potential clients who are most likely to lead to sales.

Personalize Emails and Other Correspondence

Traditionally, regular customers who spent the most money got the lion’s share of the attention from sales teams, while occasional clients got more generic marketing messages and emails. Thanks to customer relationship automation technology, companies can treat all customers as if they were their most important spenders. For example, when sending out a marketing or product recommendation email, automation can ensure that each client is addressed by name rather than including a more generic greeting.

Use It to Improve Overall Customer Service

Customer relationship automation tools can help streamline a company’s workflow in order to reduce client wait time; this allows a team to more quickly solve customer issues or concerns. Automation technology can also help track how a customer service representative team performs from day to day. For example, one type of customer relationship automation technology is the interactive voice response (IVR) tool that lets us use our voices or “press 1 now” messages to access the correct customer service agent. When done well, IVR technology can pull up data about a client’s previous calls to a company to personalize the interaction and possibly even predict why the customer is calling. This, in turn, will help the IVR system to give the caller choices that are more relevant and help connect them with the best CSR agent.

One side note to using this type of technology — sometimes, companies that scale quickly will take on new technology like CRM software without knowing how to use it to its full potential. For example, Infor CRM is a powerful customer relationship automation tech tool that is undergoing constant improvements. If your business is using Infor CRM, it is vital that you and your CSR team are properly educated and trained on the technology; take advantage of Infor CRM consulting with articles on CRM development, training videos and more.

Keep Clients Happy and Boost Sales

When used to its full advantage, customer relationship automation technology can help businesses attract and keep clients. By knowing how to use the technology correctly, tracking potential clients and helping connect them with the appropriate representative, clients will be pleased with the level of customer service they are receiving from your company, which can lead to an increase in sales.

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