How Social Media Creates a New Generation of Brand Ambassadors

In advertising, word of mouth is king.

For years, companies relied on word of mouth to create a strong and loyal customer base for their brand. Before the Internet and social media, “word of mouth” was a more literal term, referring to the recommendations of friends and family to drive consumers through the front door. Now it’s a marketing phrase that’s gone digital. Consumer review sites and social networks drive advertising power than can’t be bought because it comes from the source—honest reviewers.

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6 Essential Elements of Comprehensive Internet Security

6 Essential Elements of Comprehensive Internet Security

Ensuring security while working and connecting online isn’t optional — it’s vital. There are simply too many threats, too many cyber-criminals and too much interaction to assume you are not vulnerable. Many home computer users assume they need less security at home than they do at work where hundreds of server platforms may be interacting with thousands of devices at any given time, but this is not accurate. The truth is that home and work systems need the same essential elements to ensure complete protection from all threat types. Learn about the six essential elements of comprehensive Internet security so you can evaluate your current threat protection and decide if it is safely serving your security needs.

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World's Most High Tech Cars

High Tech Cars

It’s 2013 and technology is all the rage, especially in the motoring industry. Car manufacturers are continually introducing new and exciting technology to really tempt us to part ways with our hard-earned money. Thankfully for them, it works; we love gadgets in cars. But what are the most high-tech cars in the world? Which cars take technology to another level?

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Tell Your Car to Google it: Upload these Free Android Apps to Your Car

Tell your car to Google it

In an effort to accelerate social media, convenience for drivers and advertising, Ford Sync and General Motors (GM) are teaming up with companies like Clear Channel, iHeartRadio, Facebook and Apple to provide car apps that can be uploaded directly to your car’s dashboard console, says’s Tim Peterson. Beyond being able to listen to music streaming from Sirius and iHeartRadio, Pioneer Electronics has also presented AppRadio car stereo that allows drivers to stream car-compatible mobile apps from their smartphone to their in-car dashboard and audio system. This technological advancement in the auto and social networking industry will make using apps more easy and safe for drivers because it’s hands-free communication and you can access information without needing a console for your phone. Meanwhile, reports that Android has released a bunch of free apps that are made for drivers and their android car stereos. We listed some of our favorites from DigitalTrend’s top picks, and one of our own personal favorites, below.

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