5 Marketing Tricks You Should Adopt From The Gambling Industry

The gambling industry is interesting. Despite there are various levels of regulation in different territories around the world, gambling continues to be a hugely popular activity. Whether it’s playing casino games like this http://onlineroulettewheel.co.uk/real-money/no-deposit/, placing bets on sporting events, taking part in bingo tournaments or buying lottery tickets, there are many gambling opportunities that are easily accessible to many.

The industry as a whole has been able to thrive because there’s been a constant stream of marketing done by casino operators to attract and retain players. No matter what industry you’re in, there are some simple yet effective marketing tricks you can learn from the gambling industry – here are five you might want to consider.

#1. Licensing Deals

A growing number of slots and some other types of casino games are themed after popular IPs, such as TV shows, films, brands, and music artists. Many of the largest game providers in the industry, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and Cryptologic have signed deals to create a number of exciting, immersive slots based on various well-known IPs familiar to players.

Why do casino game providers do these deals? Branded slots are likely to attract more player interest, and therefore bring in more money, than non-branded ones.

The companies that give out the licenses to the game developers also stand to make money from having developers pay to use their branded content, so it’s a win-win situation for both parties. Branded slots can do a great job of attracting players to a casino.

#2. Loyalty Schemes

Many online casinos have a loyalty scheme that’s essentially designed to reward players’ loyalty. The idea behind these schemes is that the longer you play at a casino, the more that casino will reward you. A typical loyalty scheme has several different tiers and uses a points system to determine what tier you’re at.

You typically earn points by depositing and wagering money on games, and the more points you earn, the higher your tier. With higher tiers come better bonuses and perks.

Such schemes are a very good marketing trick because they encourage people to stay loyal to a brand, i.e. a single casino, and reward them for doing so. Some players will even compare the loyalty schemes offered by different casinos and will pick the one that’s the most rewarding.

#3. Welcome Offers

Pretty much every online casino you’ll come across has some sort of welcome offer available for new players, i.e., those who haven’t yet created an account.

Online gambling is incredibly competitive, with new casinos regularly launching and lots of new games coming out all the time. For a casino to attract players and earn enough money to stay in business, it has to be competitive when it comes to the promotions it offers.

People looking for a new casino to play at will more often than not take the welcome offer into consideration. These promotions can often be the deciding factor: if it doesn’t offer enough, a player may well look at what a competitor casino has to offer instead. The essence of the welcome offer is that it gives potential customers a preview of the casino experience. They sign up, have some bonus money or free spins to use up and if they enjoy playing, they’re likely to come back and spend real money.

#4. Choice of Promotional Offers

It goes without saying that a key marketing strategy for any sort of business involves promotions. For casinos, the welcome offer is just one kind of promotion; others include loyalty schemes, limited-time offers, and VIP clubs. Some casinos are taking promotions to the next level by offering players a choice of promotional offers.

Instead of just rewarding all players with the exact same bonus, a small number of casinos let players choose from two or more options. This makes promotions more interactive and engaging since players aren’t just being given something, they’re being asked to make a decision about which offer suits them best.

If you offer, let’s say, 10 free spins on the Starburst slot, this may not appeal to all players, and some might sign up to other casinos instead. If you offer a choice of 10 free spins on Starburst or £10 in bonus money, those who didn’t want the free spins may go for the bonus money offer, signing up to your casino and not a competitor.

#5. Content

The more competitive the industry, the more important the content becomes. As previously mentioned, the gambling industry is very competitive indeed. This means that casinos are constantly competing with one another to sign up new players and keep existing ones coming back for more.

One of the key ways casinos compete is by featuring content that they think will be a hit with players. A particularly competitive casino will release new games very regularly and will feature games by the best, most popular and most successful providers in the industry.

The lesson here is that when it comes to content, you have to be competitive: your content has to be the best, and you have to keep updating your library of content regularly, so you don’t fall behind what any competitors are offering.

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