9 Low Budget Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Small businesses have always been a driving force for revenue stream of the nation. Yet, 50% of it fails to even survive up to five years of its inauguration.

So, why does that happen?

A survey done by clutch suggests that the two prime reasons for business failures are a lack of budget and proper marketing strategies.

I’m not going into the system on why does small businesses lack precision when it comes to marketing and budget.

However, I would like to suggest 9 budget friendly marketing ideas that should give your business a decent kick-off.

Start with building a website

One of the loopholes of small business marketing strategies is a lack of precision. They invest heavily in traditional marketing and eventually run out of a budget. During a consultation, I tell my clients to step out of the traditional environment. The answer- “get online.” You should always a website for your business. Buy a WordPress theme and hosting for a total of $150. If you can’t do it, just hire a WordPress development service. Ask them to only setup hosting and place contents. This will cost you less than the actual WP service cost.

SEO your business

This is no brainer. You knew this was coming, right? This has to be one of the most budget-friendly marketing tactics that can overhaul your business struggles. If you are seeking for long term vision, SEO (search engine optimization) is the route to go.  Don’t let the acronym get into your head. SEO for small business isn’t as daunting as the word reflects. Just understand the basics and start implementing. If you find yourself losing sights, you can always take help of an expert for as cheap as $200 per month.

Apply for business awards

This only works if you have a website. You should apply for a business award. Most of the time you will find sites that offer excellence awards for different industries. This acts as a certificate of good work which increases trust and credibility. Trust is the abstract psychology that will certainly help you earn loyal customers.

Network with relevant industry

This is by far one of the best ways to market your service and product. Make connections with industries that share relevant services like yours. Now, what does that mean? For instance, if you are a plumber, you can connect with a roofing agency. A customer that hires a roofer may also require the service of plumbing. This is where your partner can recommend your service.

Your business card should stand out

A business card is a vital element of every small business. A successful business owner knows how to craft a creative business card. Your card should connect with your audience. Even in a small space, you can show creativity that makes glues your client’s eyes. Don’t just go with a same boring name, address, and phone number. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry do that. Can you think out of the box?

Be a social media wiz

Okay, wiz is a big term. But you get the point. You need to be a savvy social media marketer. Most of the small business owners who don’t have a website stated they generate leads with social media. So, they don’t fancy the need of a website. Create a fan page and start posting some interesting content. The more value you add, the more chances you have on earning those leads.

Be an industry expert

If you want clients to come to you, you need to present yourself as the industry expert. It doesn’t matter how saturated or small your niche is, adding value to the community always gives you an extra edge. Get in touch with local media and tell them that you are happy to shed information related to your industry. Take a stand for your field. Be a proactive promoter, not a passive one.

Be a YouTube star

Being a YouTube star is a big sentence. But if you are skilled and value to offer, you can always rise to fame. This is a perfect platform for service oriented small business. You can teach your clients DIY stuff. This creates trust and leads to clients in a regular basis.

Organize a workshop

You don’t need to set up a workshop that accounts for thousand dollars. Just have a simple one. The motive should be to educate your customers not delight them with fancy stuff. So if you are a plumber, you can have a class that teaches how to fix a clogged drain. You may be wondering why you should teach them when you can charge them for the same task. Well, this is a formula used by many inbound marketers to win their client’s trust. And you can apply it to your business as well.

Any low budget ideas we haven’t covered? What tactics have you been using for your business? Let us know in the comments below.

Author Bio: Amin Ghale is the founder of a marketing agency – SEO Nepal. He is also a business consultant for WordPress Development Sydney Company where he leads the marketing team to grow its business.

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