How to Properly Unblock NetFlix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and Many others – Outside USA

How to Properly Unblock NetFlix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and Many others – Outside USA

I know, it has never been fair to the people who reside outside the US. Or I should just say downright frustrating. At the age of the internet – there should not be a victim of geological restriction to internet content. No matter how the companies want to twist the story – It is not acceptable. So, for now, we live in a limited world of access. Having said that; some of us rebel enough to bend the boundaries set by some “companies”.

The Need

If you are not already aware of Internet TV sensations such as Hulu Plus, Netflix and Amazon Prime. They deliver digital TV Shows and Movies on demand via the internet – to your computers, digital media players, Xbox/Playstations, TVs, smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately, these services are not available outside the USA.

Well, I assume you came by this post because you already know about the services. Now, you are rather interested in how to do it properly.

Before we get down to the story of “How to do it” – here is a little preface of what I have tried.

VPN does not do the Justice

I have tried various VPN services to dodge and elude the geo-location restrictions. But evidently, they were not efficient enough to keep those service running in the long term. Mainly because of two reasons:

  1. VPN Services are great for escaping file downloading restrictions. But VPN services really falls short when streaming any video or movies online. There is a massive performance impact on streaming videos because it goes through the VPN Tunnel.
  2. VPN Services are not easy to implement on your home network – very few modern DD-WRT based router have the capability to channel your internet through private VPN. It requires a lot of technical time to setup and implements.

Other similar services like UnblockUS or ibDNS does not support all the devices nor the performance.

The solution

I came by this solution a week earlier in this post. I got fascinated and excited. Right away got the settings from their website.

Surprisingly, within 3 minutes I was able to signup to NetFlix. I started streaming on my TV in the 7th minute. Lag-free and simple. Simply outstanding!

UnoDNS Supported Devices

It’s called UnoDNS by UnoTelly. It removes geo-blocks implemented by streaming sites and allows you to watch these geo-restricted channels regardless of where you live. UnoDNS is a service that can be implemented in all internet-enabled devices, without compromising any performance of your internet connection; Unlike the complications of VPN. It is almost like a set it and forget it kind of service.

I am not only saying this. I have tested their service. I have stream over 4 movies and 33 TV episodes (Netflix) at my WD TV Live Media Player.

Sign Up, It’s free to try.

UnoDNS Cloud Global DNS Clusters

Key winning points for UnoDNS

  1. UnoDNS Cloud Clusters of service all over the world (At least 12+ Locations). You can use the IP which is near to you.
  2. UnDNS Dynamo – the intelligent DNS Service that lets you choose channels locked for various countries. Here is a bit more on Dynamo.
  3. No lag or compromise of video streaming performance
  4. Support for a huge number of devices including all routers, Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, Game Consoles, Media Players and Smart TVs.
  5. Gold and Premium channels. Take a look at the channels list here.
  6. NO limitations on Bandwidth usage.
  7. Outstanding pricing ($4.99 p/mo + VPN) vs Features. Check the Pricing here.
  8. Free 8 Days Trial .. Does not even need any credit card details.
  9. Gigabit port speed so you would get as fast as your local internet line can deliver.

Check out the Pricing

The Verdict

DNS Cluster QOS rating 5/5
Online Dashboard rating 3/5
Online Support rating 4/5
Devices Setup rating 4/5
Supported Devices rating 5/5
Channels Setup rating 4/5

After using UnoDNS extensively for the last 8 days, I had to give the prize to these guys. They manage to pull all the magic for all the devices. Not only that, there are no latency issues. The UnoCloud DNS all over the world is just made them extraordinaire. You can’t go wrong with UnoDNS services.

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