5 points to guide you choose iPhone or Android

iPhone or Android

There is a huge controversy between Android and Apple users, and for people that never had a smartphone or a tablet before, it is important to understand the differences between those two concepts, in order to make the good choice. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of those devices, and why should you choose one device in the detriment of the other.

1. Design

In the case of design, even if the iPhone has an interesting, classy look, it is the same for any generation of phones. Any iPhone 3 looks like another iPhone 3, and any iPhone 4 looks the same as any other phone from the same generation. Considering the fact that Android is an operating system that is an open source, meaning that it can be accessed and used by any manufacturer, you have many choices at your disposal, and you can be sure that a HTC device is surely different from a Samsung or an LG, and you can find many designs amongst the models of those producers.

2. Price

Even if the iPhone is considered the most reliable mobile device, the price is considered as prohibitive by many. This is why people that can’t afford to spend 300 dollars on a phone have to find cheaper Android phones. Of course, there are some Android phones with performing functions, phones that can cost more than an iPhone, but generally, a person that is concerned about money has to buy an Android phone.

3. Features

In terms of number of programs, Android is considered as the richest market, with tens of thousands of applications developed by a large number of companies for different purposes. On the other hand, even if you can’t find the same number of programs in the App Store of apple, those apps are developed by Apple and by trusted collaborators; therefore you can be sure they are reliable.

4. Upgrades

When it comes to the possibility of upgrading, Android and Apple terminals have about the same potential. While you can upgrade the applications you buy in the App Store whenever a new upgrade for the same app appears, in Google play, you will have the same possibility. However, the updates in Google Play are made automatically, and this is maybe the biggest advantage of Android.

5. Reliability

The Android terminals are made by a producer, the operating system is offered by Google, the applications are made by independent companies, and the service is ensured  by local companies.

In an industry that is sustained by so many companies from so many parts of the world, it is normal not to have the expected stability. Sometimes, the programs break, or the updates does not work as expected, and the local service provider will keep your phone for weeks without knowing what is wrong with it. On the other hand, Apple remains an Apple. The phone, the programs and the service is ensured by the same company; therefore, those problems would hardly appear. This is maybe the most important advantage of Apple so far.

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