Growing Your eCommerce Fans on Instagram

Struggling to gather Instagram followers from your eCommerce site, even after implementing traditional marketing techniques? With a few tested methods, boost the number of followers you have to ultimately generate more likes, shares, and revenue for any business.

Growing your eCommerce fans on Instagram is possible with an understanding of today’s latest tools while remaining relevant and consistent with updates you choose to publish.

Getting creative with a few new marketing methods is a surefire way to attract more of your eCommerce customers to your social media platforms for easier following and updates.

The more connected you become with your target audience and demographic, the easier it is to appeal to those who have a genuine interest in the products or services you offer. 

Engage Users to Follow Your Instagram

A profile that is “follow worthy” will attract not only past eCommerce customers, but also new users who are interested in products, services, or messages you share.

Consistent updating is key to keep followers intrigued with your brand and what you have to say, even if you are promoting a product or service from your official online store.

Complete Profile

Always be sure to complete your Instagram profile before promoting and linking to it from your eCommerce store or website.

Upload your brand’s official logo (using a high-quality and fitting version), add a description of your brand, and include a link for followers to learn more about what you have to offer.

Sync Your Instagram With Other Social Media Accounts

In addition to using Instagram to attract users, syncing with other networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn allows you to expand your reach with new posts and increases your chance of building your loyal follower network (and potential sales).

Provide Visually-Appealing Photos

Popular Instagram users have a knack for sharing high-quality and appealing photos, attracting new users and keeping followers active on their page and within their communities.

Always upload quality photos whether you are sharing a message, product pictures, or promotional material. Pictures with high contrast, appropriate filters, and color modifications draw attention to those who may be scrolling for new content relevant to your company and brand.

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Stalk Your Competitors With

Keeping up with your competitors on social media is essential to avoid missing out on great potential updates or methods to reach followers and consumers. Using websites such as is a way for you to virtually “stalk” competitive Instagram accounts to learn more about their marketing techniques and posting methods.

Use Instagram to browse and track hashtags that are most relevant to your brand and what you have to offer. Search keywords regularly to learn more about potential competitors while following them or digging deeper into their marketing strategies.

Browse a list of hashtags that relate to your brand or the products and services you have available to offer daily to better understand how to reach your audience on a level that is appealing and also satisfying.

Watch Out For These Hashtags in Your Niche

Use various metrics platforms to determine the most popular hashtags in your niche. Services such as IconoSquare provide information regarding likes, follower growth charts, and advanced analytics.

Seeing in-depth details regarding hashtags is beneficial when planning new and improved marketing campaigns you want to execute on Instagram and other social media sites.

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Engage With Other Business Owners, Brands, and Influencers

Using Instagram is a two-way street, allowing you to build your reputation and boost credibility by getting involved with other influencers and brands in shoulder niches that may not be directly related to your business.

If you are selling t-shirts, you may find it easy to connect with other companies and brands on Instagram that offer accessories with the same type of style as you.

The more connected you become with shoulder niches, the easier it is to develop potential affiliate or partnership relationships to promote one another over time.

It is also helpful to view their followers and follow them yourself, often prompting a follow for your own brand if your page is appealing enough.

Participate With Your Instagram Account

Like photos of shoulder niches that are similar to your own to share your name and potentially draw in new followers and those interested in the brands, you are communicating with on Instagram.

The more active you become, the more appealing you will be to those who are unfamiliar with your company but are interested in what you sell or have to share.

Communicate With Other Followers and Brands Relevant to You

Commenting on other brand pages is another way to appeal to their followers, helping to spread brand awareness of your own company while showcasing that you are a real person, not just a “corporate bot” running the account.

Gain Followers from Followers and Those Similar to Your Company

Instagram marketing for eCommerce is possible by engaging with users who have liked your photos or commented on them, increasing overall awareness of your brand in the marketplace.

Choose to Implement the Right Filters on Instagram

Using the right Instagram filters can dramatically increase the number of views and followers you receive. Using top filters known as “fight filters” helps bring in views and attracts new potential customers to your official page.

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Scheduling Posts at the Right Time

Follow guides to ensure you schedule posts at the most effective times each day throughout the week. Hitting top post times allows you to reach a wider audience without missing potential new followers.

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Sponsorships and Reviews to Benefit Your Brand

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Creating amazing graphics that are high-quality and relevant to your brand help to boost potential reposts and shares. Announce giveaways and contests to keep users and followers interested in your page.
  2. Explain to followers that in order to enter they are required to like your photo, follow your account, and repost your image with an ‘@ mention’ — or desired hashtag. By offering giveaways for users and gaining likes on the photo you share, it is much easier to make your post popular and trending, increasing the odds of it showing within the “Most Popular” section of the top hashtag you implement.

Instagram Tools and Apps You Need

Using additional Instagram tools allows you to implement social media automation that helps with posting without manually triggering when your posts are live.

Tools that help to match your eCommerce design are also imperative to keep your brand’s overall look and feel the same throughout all platforms when looking to boost Instagram marketing for eCommerce.

With a few iPhone Instagram tips, learn how to best target individuals who are solely using their iPhones to browse for new content and potential pages to follow.

Tools such as Schedugram allow you to quickly schedule your Instagram posts, so you can focus on other aspects of building your brand, while Iconosquare is an ideal solution to help gather and collect necessary metrics when dealing with a competitive industry.

When looking for a new method to track and follow hashtags, consider Tagboard to stay on top of the latest trends (and to help steer your marketing campaigns in the right direction).

Building a name for yourself on Instagram is a way to take any business or brand to the next level of success. With the best Instagram posting and marketing techniques, quickly build your followers while making a name for your business or brand.

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