13 Future Technologies That Will Amaze You

Technology is developing at a never-before rate, that what once was considered a luxury has now become an everyday item. There are many examples, like computers, mobile phones, cars, etc. From medical advancements to everyday products, engineers and scientists are always looking for what next big thing they can invent or work on. The interesting part is, things which our parents used to watch in Sci-fi movies during their time are available to us now. Yes,! We’re not ready with spaceships to fly around but many of the reel world technologies are readily available to us for purchasing like the 3D printer from the movie Star Trek and the video calling feature predicted in the movie Blade Runner, both have become a reality now. 

The discussion is never-ending but for now, let’s check this amazing list of 13 future technologies that will amaze you or as we said, that will make you say, “Are you serious?”  

#1. Incredible Pen

The developers of gizmo have developed an incredible pen that can draw any color. You will also be able to capture any color from anywhere in just 4-5 seconds. What more? The picture you’ll draw will never fade away or become blurred unless you’ll not want it. This pen can be used anywhere, paper, clothes, walls, or any other object you could think of.

#2. Smart Straps

A smart strap will let you make calls with your fingertips. You can wear it as a simple smart band on your hand. All you need to do is connect it to your smartphone via Wi-fi or Bluetooth. In fact, Apple Inc. has recently developed a similar technology like this called, sgnl strap.

#3. Silence Creator

Is it hard for you to concentrate while studying due to your neighbors or some construction work going on nearby? Don’t worry! Soon we’ll be able to drown out all the noises around us and create “silence”. Scientists are working on developing a device that will generate realistic dynamic sound by canceling vibrations around you. You can create your personal zone of silence too and protect your speech privacy.

#4. Wearable Screens

Do you hate to carry your phone in the pocket? Well, you need not worry for long because soon skin implanted phones will be commercially available in the market. You would be able to see the screen on your arm. It will be completely waterproof and will solve the problem of accidents that occur because of the distractions created by phones. 

#5. Self-driving Cars

How nice it would be if you could do your makeup sitting on the back seat or take a short nap while your car takes you to where you want to go? Computerized cars will soon be in the commercial markets for public use. It will contain sensors to detect objects and other vehicles on the road and necessary testing is being done by scientists.

#6. Bionic Contact Lenses 

Soon we all will be able to have smart visions. We’ll be able to read text messages, see notifications, and check images through our contact lenses. Mass production has already started and soon will be available for the general public.

#7. 3D Printed Food 

3D printing is a new technology and it has taken the world by storm. Slowly but surely people are adopting this technology and its products. Food is also something that can be created using this technology. There are already 3D printers that can print pancakes and chocolates, and they taste amazing. Soon, every food item could be made through this technology.

#8. Flying Cars

Japanese are the most advanced in developing this product. Predictions are that the Government of Japan is going to start flying taxis in Tokyo by 2020. Their speed can go up to 125 mph and hopefully, this will vanish the traffic jams completely.  

#9. All-Weather Clothes 

The group of scientists is working on creating a universal fabric suitable for both summers and winters. The fabric notices weather changes and adjusts according to it. You won’t have to adjust anything, it automatically does everything. It will provide little insulation during summers and increase it during winters.

#10. Password Pills 

A password is required to unlock everything today and there seem to be a thousand passwords you need to remember. From your smartphones to televisions, passwords are required. In order to reduce this inconvenience from daily life, Motorola has developed an electric pill. This pill contains a tiny chip that is soaked into the digestive fluids. Then the human body becomes the authenticator and your body will be able to unlock all the devices.

#11. In-Ear Language Translator

Soon you will be able to understand every language you hear with an in-ear language translator. The device works with a smartphone that will require the consumers to select the language they want to understand. This device might eliminate the need for translators.

#12. Super-fast Trains

Super-fast trains or Hyperloop trains are not so far. The founder of Space X, Paypal, and Tesla, Elon Musk is already working on this project. This system will let passengers travel at a speed of jet plane through trains. It would run in a vacuum tube, propelled by compressed air and induction motors. It could run at a speed of 760 mph and will be able to cover the distance between LA and San Francisco in just 45 minutes, which today requires around 8 hours.

#13. Biometric Hands

Today we have prosthetic hands available but they are not able to sense things. Soon we will be equipped with this technology too. Scientists are working on testing a new type of prosthetic hand that connects directly to the nerves of the body which means it will be in full control of the person and would be able to sense everything too. It would be able to exert different levels of pressure also, allowing them to touch, hold or grab something.

We’re done from our side now!

The list is never-ending but we have to wrap up also. From this list, you must at least have understood one thing that technology has come so far. Indeed, scientists and inventors never stop working hard to make our lives easier and convenient. Just 10 years ago, we were so happy with simple phones and the slow internet, but how can you even wait for your browser to load for 5 minutes. The desire to use all of them must have hit you but be patient as most of them only exist as projects yet.

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