Best Ways Franchise Businesses Can Use Digital Marketing

The key appeal of running a franchise is the level of support that comes with the territory. From the already established brand with a strong reputation, the training provided by the corporate, and all the way to the business model that has already brought success to the brand’s doorstep, every franchisee has a mighty strong foundation for growth and recognition. Yet, with so much competition arising from everywhere, and more new brands showing up to earn the throne, even the most renowned businesses need to step up their game in order to stay visible and memorable.

By far the best way to achieve just that is with the help of cutting-edge and time-tested digital marketing strategies. No matter what industry you come from and what particular franchise you own, the following digital marketing strategies should quickly take the lead in your 2019 business plan in order to ensure greater brand visibility and help your brand stand out in this competitive market.

Make use of social channels

With a powerful brand comes the responsibility of ensuring brand consistency and maintaining that image across all channels and franchises. As the manager of a new branch, it will be your duty to ensure that the best practices offered by the overarching corporation are implemented, but you also need to make sure that your social media voice sends the same brand message. From the entire corporation’s perspective, investing in a cohesive social media strategy makes perfect sense, too.

Sending a consistent, cross-channel message will help you not only attract new customers in new regions, but also retain existing ones and inspire them to spread the word. Whether it’s through using Instagram photos, interactive Facebook contests, or immersive YouTube videos, you need to ensure that your brand remains true to its core values no matter the location.

Think local thoughts

While we’re on the subject of locations, even the fastest growing franchises require building the right strategy to inspire excitement in a new region for every branch that opens. That means that even if you have a world-renowned brand with an equally famous reputation of excellence, you still need to make sure that your presence in a particular location appeals to the target demographic.

Utilize your digital presence to send distinctly local signals to search engines as well as your customers. For starters, the content you post on your website and your social media channels should incorporate local signals to clarify your position. Using e-vites and emails to inspire your audience to visit a local event where you’ll give out discounts or freebies can also be of help, while media coverage can also help you get on the map more effectively and spread the news online.

Encourage feedback

In addition to staying in touch with our loved ones, what do we use the digital realm for? Most of us use it as a point of reference when making purchasing decisions. We check out new brands with the help of reviews and customer comments, their product images and the relevant information found on those online directories such as Google or Yelp.

Every new franchise location should have a listing in those directories, with a specific address and other details attached. Using emails, social correspondence, and other means, you can and should encourage feedback on those portals for your customers, so that your branch will stand out, and your service will be noticed. Even if you occasionally need to deal with negative comments, you can use them to boost your service and advance with your customer service efforts – which will also be appreciated by your customers!

PPC still matters

Amplifying your organic reach with the help of digital marketing tactics is the dream-come-true for any brand out there. However, as the competition grows fiercer by the minute, and the market more crowded still, every franchise needs its own paid marketing segment to support the organic reach you already have. Paid search campaigns still have their place in the digital marketing game, especially for making more qualified leads instead of merely getting more traction.

Google AdWords along with your social media PPC campaigns use keyword-specific structures that help you target your audience in a more refined manner. Combine these paid efforts with an engaging digital presence, and you’ll help your franchise stand out no matter the number of competitors in your niche.

Implement a better email approach

Some marketing experts would claim that email marketing is nearing its demise, but others will cheerfully deny such an assumption, and rightfully so. We live in an era where personalization plays a major role in brand-customer communication, and using email campaigns to reach a new level of personal, authentic interaction is the best way to go.

In addition to keeping your customers informed and educated on a regular basis, email campaigns are an excellent choice for reducing the number of abandoned carts, making personalized offers for each and every customer, and delivering unique offers when you know something is to their taste. All in all, email is definitely not an outdated method, but one that will outlast many other digital strategies in the years to come.

Every franchise is an entity on its own, and as such, it deserves a tailored approach as opposed to the cookie-cutter solution offered by the overarching organization. You should always strive to implement best practices approved by the brand, but delivering more authentic, customized solutions can help you stand out in any crowd.

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