Best CMS to Start your Educational Blog

Some people say that this is the “engine” and the “heart” of the site, others name it “a tool for solving problems of routine tasks of locating information and editing and creating sections”. In this case, both sides are correct. 

What is CMS?

CMS (Content Management System) — a computer program or information system that is used to organize and provide a process for the joint creation, management and editing of the content of the site.

List of the Most Popular CMS


It’s hard to say something new about WordPress. This CMS initially established itself as an innovative blog platform with high usability. But the development of the system’s functionality has made it very popular among other formats of websites. The use of this system provides a complex but at the same time simple functionality. WordPress is ideal for news sites or blogs.


9% of users picked Joomla. This is something in between the vast capabilities of Drupal-oriented developers and the simplicity of WordPress, but with more development capabilities. Despite this, Joomla has a user-friendly interface. You can use Joomla to create a corporate site, community or site with e-commerce functions.


About 7% of users prefer Drupal. Developers like its comprehensive power and user-friendly interface, which allows you to create complex websites. And, like other “cool” tools, Drupal requires some technical skills that you could do without, using Joomla or WordPress. This is a good and technically complex tool for designing highly functional, versatile and advanced sites. Usually, Drupal is used for sites that require complex data organization: for forums, online stores, web blogs, corporate websites and the community.


This CMS is preferred by about 4% of users. But speaking of popularity, this system in recent years is losing its market position. vBulletin provides the user with tools for creating and administering forums and blogs. vBulletin is an advanced tool for creating forums and publishing content.


TYPO3 is used by 2% of websites that use CMS. Demand for this system has grown significantly since the release of version 4. It is a professional and powerful tool, rich in various features and options.


What CMS Suits the Best Under Need of Educational Blog?

As mentioned above, the WordPress engine is optimal for creating a blog.

Here are the main Pros and Cons of WordPress:


+ This is the most popular CMS: more than half of users prefer WordPress;

+ The widest set of plug-ins, themes, widgets for galleries, forums, multi-language, various catalogs, stores, etc;

+ WYSIWYG editor will make life easier for those who have problems with HTML markup and other languages;

+ Technical experience is not required. The admin panel is much simpler than in other CMS: PHP and CSS files can be edited directly in the admin panel. E.g., you can easily insert text from any text editor, unlike Drupal or Joomla;

+ Also, WordPress is quite a powerful tool for developers and designers who create sites for clients.



– The system gives a huge field for choice, and the main problem is how to use all its possibilities correctly? This CMS will work much better if you properly customize the settings;

– If you are a beginner, you may encounter some installation problems, despite the widely held opinion about the easiest installation process.


List of 10 Best Themes for WP Educational Blog

WordPress is a platform that can be used to create any type of website (e.g., including educational blogs for universities, colleges, secondary schools or educational institutions. Almost all the educational topics listed here are provided with a response layout, and they work on all screen sizes.


1. Academy of Education

The theme of the Academy of Education is a commercial theme also developed by Templatic. It has a clear and adaptive design that is suitable for teachers, colleges, schools and other educational institutions. It has a good homepage with advanced search functions to search for a particular course, a teacher, etc.

2. StudioPress

The StudioPress theme is an educational theme that allows schools and institutes to transmit great information in a short period. It allows you to share a variety of information, including text, audio, video and educational programs. This is a theme that will allow you to share great information with your students, teachers and the press. On the main page, there is a widget with several options, e.g., the slider zone, as well as the area dedicated to the latest articles of the website, etc.

3. Erudito

The Erudito theme is a modern theme with twelve color styles. The theme was created taking into account the sites of educational institutions. It is very suitable for universities, high schools, colleges, but also suitable for any business blog.

4. Academica Pro

The Academica Pro theme is a modern, flexible and responsive theme. It demonstrates many customized pages to help students, faculties, and the press to get information as quickly as possible. This premium theme was developed by WPZoom and built using WPZoom infrastructure.

5. ParkCollege

The theme of ParkCollege is designed in the light of the peculiarities of educational institutions. It has a homepage with widgets. The theme is “Responsive”, which means that it looks nice on devices with very small screens, like the iPad, iPhone, etc. Currently, it is available on ThemeForest, It has a section of the course for managing the details of the course.

6. MyCollege

The MyCollege theme is a powerful educational theme with some interesting features. It is responsive and very easy to personalize, It is perfect for any educational site. Its powerful parameter panel allows you to configure general settings, title, search box, etc. It also has a template specially designed for teachers, a list of all teachers, course pages, and all available courses.

7. Lexington

The Lexington in the minimalist style is easy to use for educational sites. The theme comes with an unlimited number of color options to make your blog unique.

8. The Grand College

The Grand Big College is a good research topic for secondary schools, colleges, and universities. The theme is designed in such a way that it can be used for any type of website, be it a corporate or entertainment-based website. This well-thought-out theme comes with a fantastic admin panel that allows you to easily edit all the items.

9. Jasper

The Jasper is a multi-purposeful WordPress theme. The focus of this topic is education, it is ideal for educational organizations, event blogs. The WooCommerce plugin is integrated into the theme, which means that you can configure e-commerce settings in a few clicks.

10. Voice of the Children’s School

It is designed specifically for kindergartens and nurseries. The Children’s Voice is a beautifully designed and has a ton of features, like a widget for displaying hours of work, a section of the program on the slider and a section of the blog at the bottom of the page.

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