How to Check for Transparency in SEO Services?

One of the most important things to look for while choosing an SEO service is transparency. A transparent service means being clear about their method of work. Although trade secrets ought to be there, and they need not tell you everything about their working method or their strategy, yet they must give you glimpses of what they are doing, what they are about to do, and whatever they did with a detailed report. While hiring the service, or buying their package, you must have a clear, detailed list of what services to expect from them.

What is a detailed list of services?

Every package comes with details of the package. SEO is generally bought in packages. Although SEO establishes a long-term relationship between the client and professional, yet no client would go for a very long contract without first trying the service for a few months.

Hence generally SEO packages are bought for three months, six months and so on. And for this time period, the client is given a list of services which the SEO company would do for the website. This list contains step by step or just bulleted points which will be covered in the action plan in SEO. And this list is of high importance.

Why read the list of services carefully?

Many things are enlisted in such a list. And in fact, due to the steep market competition, some SEO companies would shamelessly copy the package of another successful service and use that to lure clients. But this should ideally not be the scenario if the company is honest and transparent with their working style.

Every SEO company has their own SEO strategist and planner, who make plans for the service according to the changes with the latest Google updates and updates of the algorithm in other search engines. And hence this change in strategy and all the planning gets reflected in a unique action plan list, which the SEO company prepares to show to their clients against a package.

And this is that list which you must get and secure through the time you are opting for the service. That’s because in future you will be able to tally every action on the list with detailed reports. You will know by comparing if they are really doing the things they promised or stated, or just going through a general process.

Understand that your website deserves organic SEO

A website is boosted not just by mere link building. And a quick boost with flooded links in just three days also does not guarantee future stability of the site on the search results. For guaranteed success, best promotions, ideal optimization, and promising long-term results, you need such a team which is led by the organic method mentality. The preference for organic SEO methods can create wonders for you, get in touch with Kick Media Brisbane for more information.

What is organic SEO?

To understand what organic SEO is, you will have to first understand the concept of link building, over promotion, and search engine results page. Link building is a part of off-page SEO to create numerous keyword-oriented links for your website, which targets to your website from another location of the web.

Promotion is the spreading of such links through the web, and over promotion is just what is more than needed. Search engine results page is that page, which shows the results of a search term or keyword. When your webpage is optimized against a keyword, then links are formed to support it, so that against a search with that keyword, your website is returned in search results in an obviously visible position somewhere in the first page.

Based on the client requirement and time frame decided to bring the site to the first SERP (search engine result page), a plan is decided on SEO. And when this plan is based on efforts which look natural to the search engine algorithm, then that is called organic SEO which follows White Hat SEO rules.

But to quicken results often SEO experts blend dirty tactics, and software generated links into the process, thereby making it black hat SEO. But the only ideal SEO plan is what is based on Organic rules, and a little blend of tactics may be allowed at times only turning into a little Grey Hat SEO. And here the SEO experts must be stark transparent with you about their methods.

Ask them if they are using unethical tools for quick results

Use of unethical tools is a common thing in the world of SEO. Every other search engine optimizer uses such means as a shortcut to achieve results soon and impress new clients. But little do the clients know that their website only, will be paying the toll later for such unethical practices of promotions. And the toll or penalty can be very heavy.

All the money you have put into site development and promotions till the date may go in vain when the site gets blacklisted for indefinite periods by Google and other major search engines. Over promotion and unethical or black hat SEO is punished in that way by search engines, which poor clients come to know when the damage is already done. To stay out of such things, you must clarify this in the beginning only with your SEO service provider.

Tell them that you are result oriented definitely, but not at the cost of your website’s long-term reputation and visibility.

Monitor their link building style

You may be a layman. But at least you should have this understanding that if they are sticking to the plan or not. That you may know from their shared reports. When they share analytical reports of your site’s position and performance with you, then you will come to know if they are doing it right and as planned. This much of monitoring is needed.

Moreover, you must raise questions wherever you get a doubt. Clarifying doubts at the inception helps in trust building and long-term client-service provider relationships.


The more your SEO service provider is transparent and cooperative with you in attitude, the better you would be close to your website’s optimization and promotional goals from a safety perspective.

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