Will Page Speed Become A Ranking Factor For Google In 2018?

Will Page Speed Become A Ranking Factor For Google In 2018_

When the year 2018 starts, most of the SEO experts speculate that page speed will become a ranking factor for Google. Will it really happen?

Yes Indeed,

To be precise, Google announced at the end of January that a website’s page speed will be a ranking factor for all the mobile searches from July 2018. So, fellas, it is now official. If you have an online audience that uses mobile devices and you rely on online mobile devices for advertising, you need to pay attention.

Just want to be clear, in the year 2016, mobile traffic officially cross over the desktop traffic. I will be surprised if you aren’t paying attention to mobile search optimization.

In this post, you will learn everything about the page speed update of Google. In addition to that, you will also learn about how you can ensure that nothing negative affects your business with this update.

Let’s get you started with this,

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What Is the Importance of Academic Writing for a Student?

Today, outsourcing is practiced not only in business. People that use this service have real advantages. It helps to get a high-quality work at a considerable price. That is why people outsource all possible services.

Writing an academic piece of work is truly hard. Students very often pay for essays online to get a well-written work. Such service is in great demand. It is so because it takes a very competent person to write for academia.

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Mobile App Development Trends for 2018 & Beyond

mobile app devlopment

Despite numerous technology-related innovations from a wide-range of different tech niches, mobile app development is bound to grow beyond our wildest imagination in next couple of years.

The first quarter of 2017 has already seen around 350 million mobile devices shipped from smartphone manufacturers and into the hands of the consumers, indicating a rapid growth in sales in mobile devices, as well as usage trends regarding smartphone-like devices.

This is hardly surprising, once we consider the ever-increasing power of mobile CPUs and GPUs, better battery lives and storage improvements, but also the improvements in software needed to run various, high-end applications.

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8 Famous Female Entrepreneurs Who Started With Nothing


There’s absolutely no doubt that the business world is dominated by men, but women are coming strong from behind. Their fresh and ingenious insight in niches like design, architecture, finances, and management (to name a few) simply reshaped the way we see the world today. Even the printing business would look extremely different without the sweeping force that is female entrepreneurship.

So, in honor of the women who dared to dream beyond the limits of societal pressure, today we want to name some of the most inspiring names among female entrepreneurs.

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How to Write Web App from Scratch with No Experience

How to Write Web App from Scratch with No Experience

Do I Need Any Experience to Write Web Apps from Scratch?

This is probably the most common question every beginner is asking when they decide to start creating web apps from scratch. As you go along, you will realize that there are many people giving advice on various topics related to that.

However, which one should you follow and whom should you trust? One way to tackle this is to always follow the advice of those who managed to create websites and can share their experience, step by step.

Even in school, we start dreaming about creating web apps which can turn us into the next millionaires. Whether the app you are fantasizing about is meant to help users do something (mix their favorite music, create playlists, organize events in their life, and so on) or is purely informative and does not have a service tool incorporated, there are certain things that you should keep in mind.

One of them is the fact that you need to realize that this is your personal project. However, running a personal project does not imply allocating little time or no time at all to it.

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