Can JARVIS help Students as well?


What is JARVIS?

JARVIS is an AI technology which was first spotted in the Iron Man film with Tony Stark. Just a Rather Very Intelligent System can basically recognize its user and mold itself according to the user’s needs. It can collect data, scan material, answer to questions, post on social media, and simply do the majority of the tasks that a human being does. JARVIS is quite a modified version of AI which can interact with human beings just like any living person. JARVIS is programmed with a deep scientific knowledge and quite a sarcastic personality.

JARVIS and students:

JARVIS is a super advanced artificial intelligence technology and more helpful than Siri by Apply, Google Now by Google, and Cortana by Microsoft. It can definitely help students and professionals in technical fields like medicine, engineering, and computer science.

Students can avail JARVIS in the form of gathering information for their research projects. For instance, JARVIS can help find relevant references and articles link for your essays and assignments. Similarly, it can also help you to study more efficiently with minimum wastage of time for your tests and exams.

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In the long term, the goal is to design an OS which will completely mold itself according to the needs of the owner and work in sync with his everyday routine. Like JARVIS would help the doctors in their field to search for the latest and most competitive techniques, look up for the medicines which are the most suitable for the patients according to their specific issues and for the qualified surgeons who are pursuing their doctorate degrees, JARVIS could help them in their research and provide them assistance wherever needed.

The architects could avail its help in the form of finding the latest architectural designs, most efficient ideas to imply while designing the drainage system or other technical requirements. The IT scientists, especially on the security assurance side, could use JARVIS for scanning codes and security passwords, gathering information regarding the targeted audience and place and detecting faults and errors in the security software and systems which they design.

These are few of the professions in which students can make excellent use of JARVIS for their studies and professional excellence. However, in almost every other profession people will find JARVIS extremely helpful in terms of finding relevant information as well as saving their time. Since JARVIS is a highly advanced technology, therefore, it would get in the depth of research like a human being does. Unlike Siri and Google Now it would not be just showing up with the results which appear on the first page of the search engines.

Abilities of JARVIS:

Since JARVIS has just come to reality by a group of teenage boys in India, therefore, it is in its initial stage. There is a lot more modification which is needed to be done at the moment. These teenagers were inspired by Tony Stark in the Iron Man movie and hence started to work on a similar AI. It is not completed as of now nor it is released but it will be once it reaches its completion stage.

Currently, in its current stage, JARVIS has a limited number of abilities which are still more than any other AI system. Following are few of the abilities of JARVIS right now

  • It can answer the questions asked by the user. The questions could be about different topics and not necessary to be specified to a single one.
  • It can compile the reports of different tasks for its administrator. The reports are obviously properly organized and accurate.
  • It can control and handle the functioning of lights at locations like home and office or any place which is made familiar to the system of JARVIS.
  • It can communicate with its user by voice recognition feature and have basic interaction with them just like a human.
  • It can handle facebook of its user in terms of interacting with friends and acquaintances.
  • It can tweet on the twitter profile of the user by voice recognition feature.
  • It can send and manage emails of its user.
  • The basic OS kernel of JARVIS is ready.
  • It can easily scan targets for hackers.
  • The procedure of information gathering about the targets.

These are some of the tasks which are JARVIS able to do as of now. These tasks are completely controlled by voice. However, the developers of this system are constantly working on it to make it better.

Pros and cons of JARVIS:

There are several advantages and disadvantages of JARVIS AI assistance. There is hardly anything in the world which comes only with advantages or disadvantages. There are always two sides to everything. One is a positive side and the other is negative. However, as a precaution, it is important that before start using any new technology and development you go through its list of pros and cons. Following are the advantages and disadvantages of JARVIS AI.


The advantages of JARVIS AI are

  • It is quite easy to use as compared to other AI assistance.
  • It can easily work with multiple commands. Usually, the AI systems are limited to a certain number of commands and fail to function properly beyond that. However, JARVIS can handle multiple commands.
  • JARVIS can be programmed with custom command option. Hence, it does not stick to a single command type.
  • It is a secure system to involve in your daily life.
  • It is an extremely helpful and useful system for disabled people. With the help of JARVIS, disabled people can manage their everyday life on their own without having to depend on any other human being.


The disadvantages of JARVIS are

  • The AI can work with a limited number of languages hence it is not language diversity friendly which makes it useless for a huge number of people who do not know the languages it can work with.
  • It is extremely costly to make and the equipment is quite expensive as well.
  • It fails to operate efficiently in a noisy environment. You need to have a silent and calm environment in order to make JARVIS work.

JARVIS is an extremely advanced and high-technology development which will be super helpful for students and other professionals. However, there are a few advantages as well as disadvantages and people should weigh whether it is worth it or not.

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