Some Business Options You Can Start With Almost No Money At All

Internet happens to be that great equalizer. In term of businesses, it has already leveled the playing field. Anyone with the right aim can actually start making some money through online business. For that, all you need is a computer and internet connection. The real catch is that you are free from any technical expertise.

You don’t have to know ways to build a website, no need to address programming knowledge for starting your ways to earn some bucks.

You can live anywhere you want, and set your own specified working schedule. You will be your own boss. Depending on how fast your business seems to grow, you can actually work at the time. There is no need to address marketing or business experience for that.

Moreover, when compared to retail outlets, you don’t have to worry about a hefty startup capital. There are chances when you can get multiple internet businesses running up and without any money, as there are multiple free services available to facilitate possibility. Let’s take an example for better understanding.

You can always set up a website or any blog channel for free with WordPress. Moreover, you can try leveraging third party sites to sell goods. It will prevent you from taking a loan and any help from debt settlement reviews at all. These selling platforms are all set to do a business with you, by giving the cut of sales.

So, let’s just consider the type of businesses you can work on to make money with little or practically no cost at all.

Drop shipping

The primary idea behind online drop shipping platform is that you don’t need to maintain larger product inventory or handle customer delivery, as you are a small business owner. It helps in eliminating the financial risk and costs of having a warehouse full of items, which may not get sold. You are further free from the hassle of arranging ways to send orders across countries or the world.

Moreover, you don’t need to manufacture or store any product. Instead of that, you can generally specialize in drop shinning. Let’s get to know how it works.

  • You have to list your items for sell on websites or platforms like eBay, Amazon and more.
  • When any customer makes a purchase, you procure the item from a third-party vendor at a lower rate. They are mostly the wholesaler, manufacturer or drop shipper.
  • This process of forwarding the request from the customer is quite simple and most of the time, this process takes place automatically.
  • Later, it will be your drop shipper sending the item straight to the customer.

With the help of drop shipping, you can actually procure wide product ranges so that operating expenses will be super low for your business. There won’t be any kind of risk from your part though. You don’t even have to purchase the product until the main sale starts. The only downside to this business deal is to find the reliable drop shipper, on whom you can count on for delivery. If the order fails to receive at the right time or is of poor quality, you will be the one to get blamed for that.

Affiliate Marketing

The task of affiliate marketing is more or less similar to drop shipping with some basic differences. This is an e-commerce model, where you don’t have to maintain any inventory of own items. Furthermore, you need not have to worry about the shipping as well. All you have to do is pick a profitable niche from online business and find affiliate partner with the items in that niche.

  • Some of the major affiliate sites these days are,, CJ Affiliate and more. These companies mainly offer any digital based information products or any other physical item you can ask for.
  • You can present the items on your website for sale. For that, you need to create an e-commerce or blog online site. Each product will have the unique link, tracking back to account with affiliate partner.
  • Anyone clicking on the link will be taken back to partner’s shopping area for checkout. Once the purchase has been made, it will be recorded and you will end up receiving a commission.
  • The commission percentage solely depends on the affiliate partner with a general amount of 5 to 25%. It can sometimes head towards 505 or more when it is related to digital information items. So, there will be much less risk at your side with actually no investment.

The major difference between drop shipping and this method is that the business model is more hands off. All you need to do is just the present link for the customer for clicking on and the merchant will be handling everything. They are the one to deal with order fulfillment, services for customers, billings and more.

From your part, you need to handle marketing for letting your prospects to purchase. Once they clicked the link, you are out of hassle. You don’t have to bother about shipping products or handling any kind of customer-centric questions. The best part is that you don’t have to maintain any inventory at all!


In case you have a passion towards any subject, in particular, you can start making some bucks by writing on it. With some service like Blogger, you can also end up starting your own blogging channel, entirely free of cost. You have the liberty to create own site and secure hosting for a very low rate, which is the highly recommended route here.

Some people have this misconception that blogging is all about writing. Well, this is just the start. You can make your blogs more advanced by posting videos, pictures and linking to some other sites or articles. As long as it is related to your niche, it is just a pure game.

You can easily make money through Google AdSense, blog ad networks, affiliate marketing and so much more. All you need is some understandings of the ways it should be done, and there is no stopping you from there.

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