10 Best Websites Using Shopify

Free statistics from Webspotter reveals that Shopify is now used on 381,550 websites.

Now Shopify is one of the most popular CMS platforms among e-commerce brands because this solution allows users to create practical and stylish sites.

Let’s take a look at the ten most attractive and high-quality Shopify-based sites.

1. Daft Punk

Daft Punk

This famous French electronic duo uses Shopify to sell official band’s merchandise.

The site looks unusual: you won’t see the typical categories of goods. All links to products on the site look like advertising or movie posters.

White and black are the main colors of the site’s background, and vivid images make the site more look more lively.

2. Fab



At Fab, you can purchase healthy living products, tech products, and many more.

The first half of the main page of the site is full of images, and below you can see real products, collections, prices, and photos.

The design of the site is based on bright colors and large images, so the site’s pages look cheerful and freshly.

3. Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee


Death Wish Coffee is the US-based company selling the strongest coffee in the world (according to their own words).

So, if this thesis may cause some doubts, then there is one fact with which we should definitely agree. The site of this store looks very stylish and attractive.

The combination of black and white colors suits great to the specifics of the company’s products.

A modern approach to design makes the site comfortable for usage and helps it looks cool.

4. TopatoCo



TopatoCo is a famous international digital retailer of webcomics and specific merchandise.

Regarding the structure, the site is a typical online store: you can browse product categories, as well as check separate products with prices, images, and descriptions.

The website stands out for its creative design.

As befits a store dedicated to the comic culture, its design looks very lively, bright and cute.

5. Hello Merch

Hello Merch


At Hello Merch, you can buy the official merchandise of musicians and bands, such as Death Grips, METZ, Jacuzzi Boys, and many more.

On the main page, you can see the title picture of the site, and below is a list of the goods. You can also open a list of all the musicians whose merchandise you can find on the site.

The site is very simple and intuitive regarding usage.

The main colors of the site are white, gray and black.

6. The Critical Slide Society

The Critical Slide Society


Critical Slide Society is a surfwear brand located in Australia. The company manufactures and sells boardshorts, wetsuits, t-shirts, accessories, and other goods.

The first thing you may see while visiting the company’s site is a collage consisting of images of brand’s products.

Below, you can see separate products with prices and pictures.

The site is minimalist, it contains almost no text and unnecessary information.

The main colors of the site design are white, black and brown.

7. Tluxe



Tluxe is an Australian designer brand selling eco-friendly fashion clothing.

Regarding the structure, the site is very simple and convenient: on the main page, there are several links, clicking on which you get into separate sections of the site.

The color scheme is also very harmonious and delicate: white, gray and black colors smoothly flow one into the other.

8. hardgraft


hardgraft sell luxury lifestyle accessories, such as clothing, leather goods, and footwear.

The company’s website is another example of an unusual and great design.

The entire main page of the site is a large catalog of goods, and it consists only from pictures of products, without any text. Only hovering the mouse over a specific product, you can see its name and price.

Also, the colors of the goods look harmoniously with an olive background of the site.

9. House of Holland

House of Holland

At House of Holland, you can purchase footwear, clothing, bags, jewelry, eyewear, bags, denim, and accessories.

The home page of the site looks like a colorful web feed with information about products, discounts, and special offers of the company.

Also, at the bottom of the page, you can see featured products and their images.

The site looks very catchy and fashionable due to the abundance of bright colors on a white background and large pictures.

10. Factory 43

Factory 43

Factory 43 create and sell original graphic goods including screen printed posters, pins, and t-shirts.

The structure of the site is very convenient – on above, you can select its sections, and below you can find examples of products and a link to corporate Instagram.

Given the specifics of the company, the site looks like it should – the design of the site is creative, colorful and eye-catching.

Also, the site harmoniously combines different colors, from white and black to red, yellow, and green.

Wrap up

Hundreds of thousands of brands use Shopify to manage their sites, and some of these sites are just amazing.

Today we reviewed ten outstanding Shopify-based sites.

If you want to find more data on which sites use Shopify, try Webspotter, a lead generation and data intelligence tool. The tool offers a trial version, so you can check it right now for free.

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