How Brands Are Using Blogger Outreach For Credibility, Visibility, and Revenues

Blogger Outreach is an innovative and non-traditional digital marketing strategy. The strategy focuses on establishing relationships with industry related bloggers and influencers. This is followed by requesting bloggers to publish your content (along with your backlink) on their website.

In the past couple of years, Blogger Outreach has emerged as one of the best digital marketing strategies. By establishing good relations with bloggers in your industry, you get access to their platforms to communicate with relevant audiences. 

For Google, Blogger Outreach is a White Hat Strategy that can help brand websites deliver on multiple fronts. From a user standpoint, figures state that people are more likely to trust someone they already follow. This is why Blogger Outreach is being preferred by many brands and agencies over Guest Posting. The influence and authority that bloggers and reviewers have over their audiences make Blogger Outreach a very attractive digital marketing strategy. 

In other words, blogger outreach helps to fulfill the age-old addendum- convince and convert!

Benefits of Blogger Outreach as a Digital Marketing Strategy

The digital ecosystem, which comprises social media, search engines, and public relations, continues to grow and overlap at an alarming rate. For brands, this means adopting strategies that are beneficial for multiple targets. 

Can I pursue a strategy that will help me-?

  • Increase my website traffic
  • Improve my SEO scores and other metrics
  • Climb Google’s Search Engine Rankings Page (SERPs)
  • Generate leads and sales conversions, thereby driving revenues
  • Improve my overall branding and awareness

Working with industry Influencers and Bloggers has helped brands fulfill almost all the questions that have are listed above. 

The growth of Inbound Marketing that focuses on creating quality content and influencing actions works closely with Blogger Outreach. This is because blogger outreach guarantees results, not just from search engines like Google. 

Effective blogger outreach has become instrumental for lead generation and sales conversions. From a sales and revenue generation funnel, blogger outreach is a far more compelling strategy than many other digital strategies. 

The interlinking of the strategy with other strategies like Affiliate Marketing and Inbound Marketing has opened up newer channels of sales and revenue generation. Yes, PPC and AdWords will always be a fast and high ROI strategy. However, the expertise and specialization of Blogger Outreach in the last few years have converted into an active and aggressive digital strategy.  

In addition, if you are looking to build your brand and increase awareness, blogger outreach is your best bet.  

Challenges of Blogger Outreach and Influencer Marketing

As more and more people are seeking guidance, advice, and suggestions online, some bad practices are bound to creep in. 

According to Google, ‘Money’ for ‘Link Exchange’ or ‘Link Buying’ should never happen. This is strictly against Google’s Quality Guidelines. 

This converts the white hat practice into a black hat practice. 

However, if you have been in the industry for as long as I have, you know the dark reality. 

Many bloggers and influencers are routinely charging exorbitant prices or freebies from brands. Google has come down heavily on such bloggers and brands who are working through this model. 

These bloggers are ignoring the importance of quality content and the organic appeal it has. By compromising the content and compensating it with money, bloggers are inviting the wrath of Google, which forbids such practices. 

Another problem that has come to dominate the industry has been Link Resellers. These individuals and shady agencies do not care for either the brand or the blogger. Their main intention is to charge a commission and act as an intermediary between the two. 

If you are an individual brand and want to make an outreach with a promising blogger or influencer, chances are that you will not be entertained. 

This is because the best industry bloggers work only with agencies that offer the best blogger outreach service. Digital agencies initiate, build, nurture and develop relationships with bloggers and influencers. 

Doing manual blogger outreach is nearly impossible for a brand. It requires time, effort, follow-ups, negotiating skills and investments. Agencies are the best bet when it comes to availing blogger outreach. 

As bloggers get regular work from agencies, they are more likely to be disciplined, quote prices fairly, and ensure timely delivery.  

The Future of Blogger Outreach

Even though there are a few rotten apples in the basket, industry authority bloggers maintain the sanctity of the strategy. The best bloggers are professional, upfront and do not work with every Tom, Dick or Harry. 

This might be harsh, but this is a fact. Quality bloggers spend years building their credibility and establishing their brand. It is highly unlikely that they are going to throw it away, all for a few hundred dollars. 

Blogger Outreach has slowly become one of the most sought after digital marketing strategies. Along with social media marketing, this is something that almost all brands want to pursue from a marketing perspective. 

To conclude, blogger outreach is a highly complex, time-consuming and effort oriented process. However, the benefits from a successfully implemented blogger outreach strategy far outweigh the negatives. By being tactical, strategic and efficient, blogger outreach can help you multiply your digital marketing returns in a big way. 

If you wish to do your brand favor, explore blogger outreach services immediately.

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