Back to the Office: How to Keep Anxious Workers Safe and Happy

The impact of COVID-19 is quite apparent all over the globe. The businesses are crashing down, the economy is getting squished, many businesses are going bankrupt and many are struggling to stay afloat. March 11 2020 was the day when the World Health Organization officially announced this as a worldwide pandemic. 

Initially, every country took measures and placed a locked down, but slowly when the COVID cases went down and the government figured out a way how to protect themselves the lockdown was lifted and now businesses of all industries are reopening. However, the state has listed down strict policies for the businesses to follow.

The pandemic however has changed how the businesses are supposed to operate now and how they will continue to operate at least till the time when this pandemic is completely over.  While every industry was impacted by the pandemic and they suffered, the field service industry specifically took a major blow.

Now that the businesses are reopening, the service sector industry has to take major precautions. Services such as AC cleaning, garbage cleaning, plumbing services Dubai are all essential, but the fact is no one wants the risk of calling over-servicing professionals, nor technicians feel comfortable as this might add to the pandemic. 

Therefore now that the government is taking steps to regulate the economy normally, the service sector has to work on improved and safe guidelines as well. It is very important now that the workers are scared, the proper policies are taken to guide them and ensure that they can work in a safe and secure environment.

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The following are a few guidelines on how to keep your workers safe and happy to keep them motivated.

Prioritize Safety: 

Make sure you talk to your workers and let them know that the company is implementing safety and security protocols as prescribed by the state. Let them know that you need their support to make the place healthy for them to work in. Let your employees know, that they can approach you in case of any event.

Hygiene Policies: 

Implement proper hygiene policy at your office and workplace. Make sure the place is sanitized as per the state’s protocols. Clean common areas, objects, and surfaces thoroughly, sanitize them.

Install Hand Sanitizer: 

Install hand sanitizers and make sure you tell your workers to keep using the hand sanitizer before and after every project. Set up stations for disinfectants and provide your workers with gloves and masks.

Social Distancing: 

Let your workers know about the policy of maintaining a 2-meter social distancing policy.


Encourage the policy of frequent handwashing. Hold an online seminar and let your employees understand the importance of handwashing. All the staff members, as well as customers, should follow this policy.

Temperature Check-Ups: 

Do temperature check-ups on anyone who enters your office and exits, including clients, owners, customers, and staff.

Transparency with Staff and Customers: 

Talk, talk, and talk. Communication is the key. Your staff might feel overwhelmed and anxious about how they will be safe and protected, talk to them. Settle their concerns. Provide them with counseling sessions if needed. The fear of COVID is valid. 

At-Home Services:

 In case your employee has a servicing job to do an at-home visit. Lay down the policies and procedures for such services. For example, many Plumbing services Dubai have implemented the policy of providing their workers with personal protective gears, which include gloves, mask, protective suits, etc. Also if any material is used, it should be made sure it is thoroughly sanitized.

The individual whose homes require services should also be advised of safety measures of sanitization, distancing, and hygiene.

Limit Traveling:

If it can be avoided, please advise your staff to not travel.

Motivate Employees: 

Provide your worker with job security and encourage them that if they have any symptoms they should stay home and get treatment, otherwise they would be risking everyone at their workplace. Make sure the workers stay calm and let them know, they will have their job when they return to work.

Sick Leave Policies: 

Update the policies in compliance with state guidelines and line with the situation of the pandemic. Let the workers know of these updates and tell them the importance of quarantine.

Last and the Most Important Be Kind to Your Workers: 

Show kindness and compassion to your workers. In times like this, this is all everyone needs. Every worker is scared of getting jobless during this pandemic, so the best you can do for your workers is to calm them down and provide them job security.

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