3 Cool New Twitter Tools

3 cool new twitter tools 3 Cool New Twitter Tools

As Twitter continues its indomitable march towards social media supremacy, third party developers are keen to get in on the act and capitalise on the popularity and reach of this new communications medium. By using Twitter open-source API, talented developers can piggyback on the staggering success of Twitter and attempt to grow their business in tandem with one of the fastest growing online brands in the world.

The more Twitter becomes mainstream, so do tools people use to manage their accounts. Tweetdeck and Hootsuite are arguably the two most popular Twitter-management tools out there but there are more being made all the time. These all serve different purposes and benefit anyone from casual, personal users to individuals and groups that control large business accounts.

Here are three of the newest Twitter Tools doing the rounds:


Buffer is a brand new tool designed to allow users to schedule their tweets. Although this is strictly nothing revolutionary, Bufffer offers an easy, intuitive user experience that includes a browser plug-in, great for scheduling tweets when short on time. Crucially Buffer also gives you some analytics, namely the ‘true reach’ of your tweets, how many retweets they received, and how many times they were clicked on (More on Buffer at another Post) .

Bufferapp 600x368 3 Cool New Twitter Tools



If you are running a business account and need to keep a watchful eye on your network, or if you are simply a tad OCD about your follower numbers, this tool provides a unique insight into exactly which users unfollowed you. Simply enter your username and the app will retrieve data about who unfollowed you and when, then you can track them down and quiz them as to why!

Nofollowback pro 600x421 3 Cool New Twitter Tools



Continuing with the theme of follower/following ratios, TweetEffect allows you to gain even more intelligence about why you received unfollows. Instead of telling you who unfollowed you, this tools tells you which Tweets motivated people to either follow or unfollow you. Tweets which positively influenced your following are highlighted in green and those which tur your audience off are marked in red.

TweetEffectResultsSummary 600x584 3 Cool New Twitter Tools

These are just three of the tools out there in a sea of cools apps that augment the Twitter experience and give you a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how your activity is influencing other people. It’s not just about the insight however, learning lessons from these tools you can work to improve your Twitter etiquette, usefulness or focus in order to expand your network, influence more people and become a master of the social media world!


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