12+ Free Video Marketing Tactics Your Startup Is Missing out On

Congratulations! You finally got your startup up and running. 

You are creating videos, sending emails, writing blogs, and doing several other marketing tasks that you are expected to be doing. But, the results aren’t very impressive, are they? 

It turns out you can adopt several effective video marketing tactics and substantially improve the results without making a dent into your pockets. 

If you have recently started investing in video marketing or you have been producing videos for a while now, here are 12+ video marketing tactics that will make you rethink and revise your strategy.

Engaging more Internet users with live videos

Based on the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), a May 2018 survey, 47% of live streaming video viewers globally are watching more of live videos as compared to the previous year. 

Live videos are the future of social media networks and video marketing. 

You can use Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Twitter’s Periscope to ensure your video reaches a massive audience. 

Live video platforms and feature on all major social media networks are absolutely free. 

Plus, the more interactive experience with the live audience creates more brand awareness and builds trust. 

You can conduct Q&A sessions to answer frequently asked questions, live stream your product launch, create how-to videos, or hold live interviews. You have endless possibilities to be creative and stand out.

Increase the online visibility of your video with SEO optimization

All the time and effort you spent in producing great video content is of no use if your prospects are not able to find it. 

Find out what your target audience is searching for within your niche. Do keyword research! 

Sign up to an online SEO tool, like Ahrefs, and make sure you SEO optimize your videos. 

You can find out popular industry keywords ranking high on YouTube. You can also find out specific questions your audience is searching for and make videos that answer them. 

Lastly, make sure to optimize your video title, description, and transcript to future increase your visibility for the target market.

Focus on developing a video marketing strategy 

Focus on developing a video marketing strategy

According to eMarketer’s most recent estimates, users spend about 83 minutes a day consuming digital videos, and this figure it’s projected to reach 92 minutes by 2020.

Do you think your prospects are going to watch your product videos or find value in them?

As the world is busy producing new video content, take a minute, and make sure you have a strategy to go with. From the initial production of the video to finally uploading it to a certain platform, make sure you have a complete plan for your video. 

When you identify what kind of videos your audience wants to watch and then develop a fantastic video production strategy, you have higher chances of making an impact. 

Save your time by repurposing old content 

Finding content or inspiration every time you want to make a video can be very challenging. 

But, the good news is that you can repackage your old content and help it to reach a wider audience. 

You can repurpose a step by step product guide into an explainer video on how to use the product. These kinds of videos are very popular on YouTube. 

You can also repurpose long reports or blog posts into engaging videos or infographic videos to make it easy for audiences to consume the information.

How can you engage video engagement by leveraging 2D animation and silence?

Most of us love quality video content with minimal efforts and eye-catching visuals. 

A lot of people scroll through social media to pass the time, like waiting for a meeting to start. 

So, how do you successfully engage with them? 

You can use the smart, attention-grabbing 2D animation videos for YouTube ads as well as social media channels. You can quickly get your message across using intelligent animations without needing audio. 

However, if you like, you can add subtitles or use silent typographic within the video, keeping the experience more visually driven.

Use your smartphones and save money on video production

You can literally use your smartphone to shoot any sort of video, including live videos for social media, testimonials from happy clients, Vlogs, and highlights of a company event.

You can be as creative as you like and shoot quality live-action videos. 

This is precisely a fantastic tactic for startups and small businesses who don’t want to burn their pockets early on. 

If you do have extra bucks to invest, get a tripod, and you are ready to shoot your live-action videos.  

Make your blog posts more engaging 

You spend hours and house to research and produce some great pieces of content to publish on your blog. But is your audience really going to read them? 

One of the significant purposes of video marketing is to get your message across in an informative, engaging, and entertaining manner. 

You can include a video at the start of every major blog post that summarizes the content in the blog for audiences who don’t want to spend their time reading the long post. 

Besides, it will positively impact your website SEO and decrease the bounce rate of the web page.   

Save money by making excellent product demo videos for free 

80% of consumers believe that demo videos are helpful when making purchases.

Your sales rep probably had to give a demo of your product a million times when talking to clients.

Why not make a demo video and allow your clients and investors to learn more about the product effectively. 

You don’t need to splash a lot of money. A simple demo video will work brilliantly for investor’s pitch, FAQ page, and sales demos. 

You could hire a video production company or use free online screen recorder tools like Loom and Vidyard.     

Increase the effectiveness of your email marketing by embedding a video 

Including a video into your email campaign can increase the open rate by 19% and click rate by 65%, along with reducing the unsubscribing rate by 26%. 

Show your subscribers list that you have the extra zing by including helpful and exciting videos like product updates and personalized sales demos. 

You can embed the video or use a static image or an animated GIF along with a play button that takes the reader to a hosting platform where they can watch the video. 

Your recipients are curious, make sure that your email offers something valuable for them.

Value quality over quantity

Did you know around 72 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube every minute? 

If you plan to go on a video uploading spree without giving much regard for the value and quality of content you are producing, you are only going to watch your numbers go south.

Spamming is only going to annoy people off of your social channels, subscribers list, and website. 

People want personalized quality content, and click-bait won’t take you anywhere, not anymore. 

So, it’s better to invest your time in a strategy and focus on creating great content

Don’t rush the video production process. Make sure your videos are engaging and entertaining. 

Make your audience promote your brand 

Make your audience promote your brand

As a startup or small business, if you only rely on your professional network, your videos are never going to reach their full potential. 

Besides, having a friend recommend a product gets better results than an advertisement coming from the brand. 

Upload your branded videos by running giveaways or promotional offers. Encourage your followers to share the video or comment in return for a small prize. It will make them feel special, establish a stronger association with the brand, and increase your video reach. 

46% of brands offer promotions to prompt consumers to purchase, which means this tactic can even help you increase conversion rate. 

Save money by using these free video making and editing tools 

Save money by using these free video making and editing tools

Creating impactful videos don’t always require a considerable investment. Some creativity and the right tools can take you a long way. 

Some tools will offer you a free version with limited features that’s great for beginners, or even allow you to check out a free trial that can be upgraded with minimal monthly charges. 

Besides, the additional features in the upgraded version are going to be very helpful as you continue producing video content. 

Here are a few online video creation and editing tools: 

Wrap up 

Quality video content will take you and your brand to amazing places. Make sure you are ready and thoroughly prepared for a long ride. 

Make sure you keep on following these tips, strategies, and tools to take your video marketing effort to the next level. 

Stay close to your creative side and continue making videos that make your audiences not take their eyes off of the screen.

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