Why Is a Clean and Simple Design Best for Your Website?

The design of the website plays a very important role in the growth of your business. This is the basic platform through which you build your relationship with your prospective customers. If it does not appeal to your target audience, it will not be able to get you any business prospects. 

When a business based in Pune briefs its website designer, it has to have clear objectives for the website. In return, the web design company must churn out a clean and well-organized website design that fulfills them all. This is important for the following reasons:

Impact on Conversions 

Overly decorative and cluttered websites have shown improved sales after they were cleaned up and simplified. Websites with excessive promotional material put off the customers as they feel they are being pushed into making the purchase 

A website with simple and clear details encourages visitors to browse systematically and enjoy the experience. Such satisfied customers are more likely to give business to your website. The simplistic and relevant media should find its rightful place on your website, but it must not clutter up space.

The most eye-catching elements on the website must be the CTA buttons as these would encourage the visitors to take action, which would be a step closer to conversion.

Simplicity Is Eternal 

This is one style that never gets outdated. You do need to keep updating your website regularly, but it need not impact the design. What your web design company needs to change is the content. You would need to somehow communicate the change to your customers, but it should be subtle and not loud.

Benefit for the Customer 

The basic purpose of the website is to provide the visitor with a lot of information about the business. In the quest to achieve this goal, you must not end up with a cluttered website as it would leave him confounded and unhappy. Excessive elements and activity on the website could also distract the customer from his main purpose of the visit and lead to a situation of loss for both parties.

Examine your website and remove any elements that do not serve any purpose, for you or your customer. Highlight important details so that you can solicit their attention. This will result in a happy customer who has access to relevant and useful elements only.

Simplicity Has Higher Appeal 

If the layout of the website is simple, the consumers feel more comfortable browsing as they can figure out its exact layout and can find exactly what they want. Most e-commerce websites have similar layouts, which make browsing a pleasant experience. This appeals to the consumer and you can expect more frequent repeat visits.

You can, of course, add a few things, which you feel might add to the appeal and practical approach of the website. Too much media is not appealing, but some media, which adds value to the product experience is always welcome as long as it does not distract from the basic purpose.

Simplicity Leads to Speed 

A simple website is expected to load faster due to the lack of unnecessary baggage. This also adds to a pleasant user experience. Load times are a key factor to keep in mind when designing a website as the consumers tend to switch suppliers if the website takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Hence, a simple website is beneficial for business lead generation by keeping the consumers satisfied.

A website that does not load quickly results in a loss of business. It is very much possible to reduce the loading time. With the help of your web design company, you can carry out some alterations to make the website faster. 

  • The simplest thing that you can do is use images that are smaller in size as big images need time to be retrieved. You can reduce the size of your images using photoshop or any other image editing software.
  • Remove external scripts and plugins, which are not useful. Every time you load the website, these require to be loaded as well and take unnecessary time.
  • Other advanced actions like Removing Code Duplication and programming the text to load before images can affect the load time as well.

Make Your Website Easy to Read 

This is important not only for impacting user experience but also for generating a better conversion rate. If people can’t read your website comfortably, they cannot move further towards the conversion stage. 

The contrast of background and text, the size of the text, the colors, and the font – all of these form the base of the readability score. These have to be optimized keeping in mind the comfort and experience of the user. The formatting of the text is as important as the language used and the writing style of the content. 

Ensure That The Website Is Easy to Navigate 

A website is easy to navigate if it has the following good website design features:

  • Menus should be simple and easy to understand. Menus with more options should be made as drop-down menus and the number of pages should be limited. 
  • The specific menus should be present only on the pages they are relevant to.
  • A search box to make looking for a specific item with ease is a feature that must be available for a good user experience.

Make the Website Good to Look At 

Other than the usability and readability features, the website must be aesthetically pleasing. A website, which scores well on user-friendliness and readability but is very boring and dull to look at, also could put the consumers off. Using visuals and colors that suit your consumer can prove to be highly appealing.

A complicated website has too many elements to manage and has a higher chance of missing out on one or more requirements. The website design company would find that a simpler website is easier to manage and adapt to the requirement at hand. If you are planning a promotion, a simpler website can proceed with fewer effective elements, which might get lost in a cluttered one.

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