What You Should Know about Roulette System?


Today online games are a rage at online casinos, and many are willing to try their hand at innovative slots as well as traditional roulette. Here, the discussion on the strategies of roulette is elevated to help you understand the different ways you can bet on it. If you love colorful slot games with a fairy tale theme, you might want to explore the world of Wizard of Oz through the ruby slippers slot.

Many wonder whether there are any winning strategies when playing roulette. Indeed, it is possible to win your hands at the game, and a better understanding will help you plan a cautious approach and minimize your losses. Roulette, from the very conception, depends on odd calculations and analyses and on the randomness of the outcomes that come from the spinning of the wheel. Here you can take a look at different ways of playing and the kind of bets that are usually placed on it.

This casino category whereby the spinning wheel moves and the white marble ball stops at any random number. In such event, a player needs to remember that the house edge is always high, about 5.26% which increases the chances of losses. It is easy to play the game, however, since all you need to do is place chips on sets, colors or numbers you wish to bet upon.

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Different Strategies for Winning at Roulette

If you wish to win in this category, there can be several ways which can be widely divided into two main groups. In the first group, the methods are based on bet progression whereas the other group of methods revolves around bets remaining the same.

Progressive Strategies

These are based on increasing bet sizes. This is done after a round’s outcome is seen. There are certain systems of games deployed here such as the Martingale system. This is a progressive strategy method whereby bets are doubled after a loss is suffered. The method is popular due to the straightforward nature of the same as well as being an easy solution to deploy for newbies. Experienced players, however, avoid using the method.

Another method in this category is the Reverse Martingale. The method dictates that you double the bet after every win you make which makes it a safer strategy to deploy rather than Martingale. Many might feel that they are betting the casino money by using this strategy, but that is not a full understanding of the situation.

These two methods are known as a steep progression as they work well with probability close to 50% which also helps to make up losses. However, it is necessary to play cautiously since these solutions can also lead to one running out of money faster. Flat progression is another method, also known as the D’Alembert system, whereby the wins are not often, but the player ends up usually with more money saved.

Non-Progressive Strategies

This is the second category of methods. These comprise of keeping bets the same across the game or allow players to change them as the player pleases. One approach in this category called the James Bond strategy, it comprises a fun system which was devised primarily by Ian Fleming. It is a system of flat betting that covers half and more of the table with bets which helps to try and turn the odds of the game to favor the player.


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Betting on numbers next to each other is another popular approach. This means you split the bet and place on it five numbers that are consecutive or found next to one another on the wheel. In order to bet on a number, wagering on neighboring numbers is a good idea. The logic of this method is that the chances of wins increase in this approach. The bets are also known as Announced or Called bets which are mainly found in French Roulette.

Other Points to Remember

In general, even without the know-how of the different methods, it is important to realize that the house edge is much bigger in this game and hence, it is best to start with cautious, small bets. With only minimal bets the player can save his/her money more and reduce chances of losses.

In places like Atlantic City the player should make even money bets since, if the bets land on 0 or on 00, the house edge is reduced to half. In other places, the 5 number bet should be avoided since the house edge on this number increases to 7.89%.

Closing Note

With the above points in mind, a customer will have the right approach towards this game which would also help them to enjoy the same in a cautious way. The game is easy to play, and for a newbie at an online casino, it certainly appeals due to its simplicity, unlike table card gambling.

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