6 Well-Kept Secrets About Writing Effective Web Copy

Before we embark on the journey of unraveling the top-secret strategies of writing compelling web-copy that are often kept clandestine, it is important that we discuss a bit about why web-copy is treated with such importance; why is it such a vital part of your website or your online business.

Your web-copy can turn your website into a sales machine by converting your visitors into potential customers which explains the reason to why so much emphasis and heed is paid to web-content and web-copy. In fact, we’ll go as far as to say that, if “spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings; recollected in tranquility” is poetry, Web-Copy is a lyrical sales ballad disguised in crisp, subtle, psychological persuasion.

Startling? Surely, it is. Here’s for you 6 startling secrets of persuasive copywriting that no one wants you to know. It’s time we told you the immutable laws of web-copywriting that rule online sales.

The Mind Game

One of the finest methods of selling your product or service on the web is tapping into the desires of your target audience or market, which in turn aids you in appealing to your user’s self-interest. This is exactly what we mean by subtle psychological persuasion that still stands unbeatable. You may think that a great headline with a punch would egg your users to buy, but we beg to differ here. They may be engaged in a good read, however, the key to converting your words to sales is giving them what they really want and need and can identify and not what you think they do.

Don’t Compel. Provide Finesse

If you are trying to sell your product through a copy that compels your readers to think that it is a sales copy, you are probably far away from making any business. It is a proven fact that the instant your readers know that your copy is trying to sell something, their defense level to the product increases by almost 80% and so does the resistance to the rest of the copy. The fact that your motif is sales generates in them a feeling that the copy is probably another sales copy on the web. Hence, persuasive finesse is the key and not on the face advertising web-copy.

Breaking Rules is Jazz

We’re often told that while writing, repeating should be avoided. But, if you have only 3 seconds left to write and express yourself, what would you write? Write your web-copy ditto as your copy has only 3 to 5 seconds to catch your reader’s attention and another 10 of body copy to keep them. Solution: focus and repeat the focus in words; as many times as you want, keeping sync with the flow. Keep it till the end and what you have is pure jazz in sales.

Lazy visitors are whom you should write for

Create a web-copy that tells them that the preliminary work has been done. All they need to do is hit the button. Surprisingly, they’ll do it. It is a fact that most of your visitors are reluctant to learn something new or go through a long copy that speaks of the product feature. They are looking for a service; they want it now and without wastage of time. Give them the ready-made service.

Write What Will Make You Buy

What would instigate you to buy a product? What would be so tempting to make you buy a service? Harness those factors to make a web-copy that’s a sure thing. If you as an audience are content and convinced, be sure, the others would be too.

Write With a Sense of Empowerment

Keeping aside the strategies, here’s one last secret that falls in the category of mere sentence construction. Write your web-copy in 1st person and in an active voice. It instills a sense of empowerment and connects immediately to your readers; so much to believe you. And when they believe you, sale in inevitable!

Simple strategies, but untold and proven! It’s time you use these six secrets to make your copy compelling.

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