6 Website Optimization Tricks to Boost the Conversion Rate

With the increase in the number of business websites, the need for optimization also arises.

In recent times, SEO has gained a whole lot of fame as it has proven to be a useful optimization method of bringing much traffic to the website.

Many businesses find that SEO is enough for the optimization and that they are all set to generate the revenue from their website, but here they get it wrong.

Along with SEO, you need an optimization method to generate the revenue from the coming traffic.

SEO will bring the traffic to your website, but that does not mean that everyone or anyone from that traffic is sure to use your services or buy your products.

Once you have brought the viewers on your website, you need to convert that traffic to potential customers.

You need to be thoughtful enough towards your website conversion rate and optimize it effectively.

Stats say, 74% of the CRO programs enhance the business sales from your website.

A robust and strategic CRO program needs the implementation on your website to monitor the conversion and find out the effective ways to increase the conversion rate.

Let us understand a bit more about Conversion rate first.

Conversion Rate of a website can be evaluated as the one in the following formula:-

(Total number of visits on your site / total number of clicks on the desired action) * 100.

It is quite imperative to calculate the conversion rate to understand how effective your website optimization methods are to bring on the revenue to your business.

Through your website, you want the visitors to perform a particular action, be it downloading the ebook, registering for the mail list subscription or placing the purchase order on your eCommerce website.

You always have a specific goal in your mind which you implement while designing your website to target the audience.

If you are unaware of the number that your website converts out of the visitors it gets, you need to get on to it real quick as you are missing an essential element of your business management.

Further, if you are puzzled about you can learn about these things; here, we come with some real operative optimization tricks which will boost up your website conversion rate.

#1. Study every micro inch of your market

I agree that you know everything about the market that you deal in, but here’s a catch.

You need to be sharp and aware of what your competitors are up to.

Try to keep a careful eye on their planning strategies and promotions they are introducing in the market.

Check what their performance regarding Conversion rate optimization is.

Compare their numbers with yours. If they score more, observe what they imply to increase their conversion rate and if you score more, focus on the elements that bring you more conversion and emphasize improving them even more.

Another and the most crucial aspect of CRO is – focusing on what your target audience desire of.

To understand that, you can check on the pounding of your competitor by what the audience share as reviews on their product pages or comments on the social media ads.

Stay connected with your competitors and the related audience on the social media platforms which will let you understand the marketing strategies and update your audience about the coming trends in your business with the products and other services.

This step will help to bring the traffic on your website as well as the customers which in return increasing your conversion rate at the same time.

#2. Get the nails on analytics

To increase the conversion rate, you would first need to know how, when, and from where are you getting the traffic.

You would need to use useful analytical tools such as Google Analytics or some other which suits your requirements.

You need to understand thoroughly which marketing strategy brings you the traffic, how much out of that click on the desired action and fill in the details and at what time of the day they tend to visit and view your website.

Analytics will help you get every minute detail related to the web traffic that your website caters and the traffic that converts after visiting.

This mechanism will help you create an effective conversion funnel to strategize your next marketing and optimization move.

#3. Direct the traffic to where you want them to go

A business website, if designed and developed effectively, is your most prominent sales representative.

You need to be very specific and clear with the goals in your mind while developing the website.

Develop the pages with thorough and to-the-point information about your products but also make the effective and catchy calls-to-action which make the customer want to click on them and go to the desired action page where you want them to go.

Create impressive offers visible on your website’s landing pages.

Design the beautiful banners mentioning special offers on them.

Edit your web content in a way that it intrigues the visitors to check the products and design your product pages and images tempting enough to make them place the order.

#4. Target. Appeal. Approach. Convert.

It is sheerly vital to understand that whom you want to be your customers.

Say, for instance; you run a B2B company dealing in the metal fittings, then a small IT service firm cannot be your prospect customer and targeting the general audience won’t help you much with the conversion.

Thus, understand who your targets are and be visible quite enough on the social platforms where they are supposed to appearing.

Once you understand your target audience, you need to create something appealing and present it in front of them so that they take some interest in seeing your products and reading about them.

While appealing, focus that they get pleased enough with the presentation and opt for the desired action such as subscribe to the email list.

This step will help you construct the required database.

Approach the prospects one by one from the list.

Once you have approached the prospects, stay attentive on their responses and take necessary follow-ups.

If required offer them fantastic deals to turn them into a lifetime client.

This method can help you increase your conversion rate along with building a meaningful database.

#5. Simple. Spacious. Informative. Responsive.

The conversion does not alone depend on marketing strategies.

It also depends on how your website looks and presents itself in front of the viewer.

Understand the psychology – using difficult, tacky and tricky words will distract the visitors to understand what you exactly want to say.

Instead, keep it utmost simple.

Don’t see blank space as a negative while block on the website.

Continuous text or images make it quite hazy for the eyes to focus on a particular thing; which again resulting in irritation to the visitor – gives you zero conversion.

Make your website content look spacious and breathing enough for the viewer to navigate through.

Make all the information related to your product or services available to the visitors.

Don’t hide anything which creates a hassle for the visitor to find and understand about the product before purchasing it.

This type of method creates trust issues in the minds of the visitors, and you may lose your credibility over there for not mentioning the things.

Remember to make your business website mobile responsive.

We see in recent times, how efficient as a tool, mobile has proven itself to stay connected digitally across the globe.

Even, Google also prefers to bring the traffic to websites those are mobile responsive.

#6. Test the efficiency of your strategies

Planning and applying different methods is not the only thing which will increase your conversion rate.

You need to keep a timely check on all your strategies whether or not they are functioning as desired.

Within a stipulated period, check every strategy that you have applied.

Test their efficiency, calculate the results obtained after their application.

Also, compare the results according to the market as well, as explained earlier.

Make the necessary modifications whenever and wherever required in the strategies.

Always remember, the more effective a strategy would be, the more conversion will it bring to the website.

Converting more and more

CRO is a crucial part of the website optimization which brings revenue from your website.

Applying useful tricks and techniques will help your business convert more and more audience into potential customers and help you attain that highest business goal.

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