5 Video Animation Tips That Make You Pro in 2020

Video Animation Tips That Make You Pro

The world of animation enhances your creative abilities. It is a play area where you can use your imagination to bring about the best results. If your brain can perceive it, you will be able to bring it to life through animation. To bring interesting characters into live acting takes plenty of camera tricks. But for artists, it is essentially the stroke of a pen. They convey information through videos in a little time which catches the audience’s attention. With the advancement in every field, certain tips of video animation services are available on platforms like Genius Videos that help animators to be the expert in their game in the year 2020.

So, let us discuss the video animation tips that you can use in your future projects to help yourself become a pro:

Substantial Script

Every great promotional video begins with an engaging script. It is like a spine of the body that gives support. Scripts are what give you a building to work on and characterize what will drive your audience intrigued: Your message.

To create a useful structure for video animation, you ought to begin it by displaying your character and their story. Take the following points into consideration for a better understanding of it:

  • Make up a situation: Present your primary characters and the core issues they face.
  • Introduce an answer: The item or benefit that you are putting forward for people.
  • Explain how the introduced answer works: Time to create your esteemed suggestion rock!
  • Finish with a CTA (Call to Action): Convince your audience to take the required action.

Storytelling – a Strong Weapon

Make your storytelling skills a strong weapon. This the power that attracts your audience and makes your videos impactful. No one dislikes a well-told story.


We all enjoy and live for attractive stories; we cannot help but be pulled in to them. Utilize this control of captivation, and, rather than fair attempting to make a sale deal, tell a story – display the substance of your content using storytelling. Remember, for this to work in your favor, your story needs to be centered around your target audience and their problems, not on your product’s highlights.

Center the story around your core audience, and you will captivate their interest and create compassionate videos.

Careful with Too Many Colors

Color is an awesome element that boosts creativity. Do not get crazy, instead, be careful, use caution – this is often not about making a colorful and flamboyant video, it is about how you utilize little shades of colors to emphasize vital parts of the message you need to provide.

Do not go overboard with colors. Use them wisely, you do not want to overdo them and make them look like an output of a child’s work.

Hit the Emotional Side

 Do you know that Video Animations have the tendency to provide a complex message in a basic way?

But, the thing around basic strategies is that they can be anything you need them to be – Upbeat, light, humorous, nostalgic, sympathetic and emotional. Use your audience’s feelings in your favor, this will be done by including components to the story that will bring back their memories or hit their emotional side such as references to old school motion pictures, to form your video much more emotionally connecting. Connect to your audience’s feelings to produce a recognizable product.

Relatable Characters

There is a certain delight that comes once you see the characters in the videos that are relatable to you. The characters that precisely reflect the gathering of people you are attempting to draw in, bring in satisfaction as well as appreciation from your audience. It instantly makes your video engaging, locks in attention and most importantly makes it relatable to the people you are making efforts for.

This makes it easy for your core audience to stay around and process the information. If it is done right, you will have viewers who right away connect with the piece of content you have created, with the story you are putting before them, on a conscious and oblivious level.


You can fulfill this by modeling your video’s characters after them! Utilizing your buyer personas as a system. A great trick is to avail several video animations services for help on the internet.

There are several ways for you to use animated videos on your web pages to extend engagement, and whiteboard videos are ideal fits in a situation where you must provide a lot of information while keeping viewers involved at the same time. If it feels like it is getting a lot, keep the emphasis on making all the pre-production assignments as best created as you conceivably can.

You can take help afterward once you have built a great script and characters that audience likes or you can take guidelines from geniusvideos.co which provides a platform to animators to upgrade their skills by providing video animation services according to the current time.