5 Ways to Use Content Videos to Stay Ahead in the Game

Today is the day to start doing video content, and we are here to tell you why. If we talk about the importance of creating video content for your business, this is something that has become a large focus for different online marketing teams and organizations around the world. It has really become the focal strategy when it comes to draw in clients and customers because of the way people consume content online.  With online platforms such as Instagram and Facebook being widely used by the global audience video content and propagation has been so fast. For marketers tools such as cell phones with immaculate video capturing capabilities and editing software so commonly and cheaply available makes making online content too sweet to stay away from.

Videos have become a convincing way for marketers to capture engagement, having results through click-marketing, shares, lead generation and sales. The idea is to bring the maximum exposure to your brand to keep the consumers updated and educated with everything that the organizations plans in order to cater to the needs of the audience.

The world that we live in has around 80% of the population that uses the internet and social media platforms such as Facebook has the ability to generate about 8 million video views per day. Video content hubs such as YouTube reports and increase in the video consumption rate by 100% every year. As we look at what is happening around us it would be important to state that the situation today present challenges but also hefty opportunity for businesses that are looking to create an effective video content strategy to stay ahead of the competition by making the audience more aware and loyal. So here are some ways in which video content can be used to drive the maximum attention towards your business.

Having Your Own YouTube Channel:-

Platforms like YouTube have grown to become giant video libraries, where the user will most frequently go to in order to get the best information and experience when information is needed in the form of visuals. It is said that almost everybody in this world has an interaction with YouTube once a week but for most this number may be higher.

Having a channel on YouTube gives you the ability to place carefully crafted videos for the purpose of equipping the consumer with knowledge about the product or the latest development happening inside the organization that will help business owners to be more responsive towards the audience.

We have observed good content when placed on YouTube has no trouble gaining popularity as users want other people to have the same experience they had while online content is being viewed, so people frequently share what they like to see on other social platforms that increases viewership and builds curiosity inside the minds of the unaware consumer.

Including Product Tutorials:

This is where making online video content is at its most effective, rather than defining the product through written content, it is always better to show people using your product online and if the product has the power to cater to the special demands of the market then product tutorials can save a lot of publicity cost.

Product tutorials are a useful tool for products that belong to the technical side of things, we have seen content like product comparisons, reviews and unboxing that the user can instantly gain insight from and make effective decisions based on that. It is said that the more the consumer knows about a certain product or service, the more likely they would become potential buyers.

Video tutorials when done efficiently gives the power to the audience to gain rapid knowledge and once the consumer has a positive learning experience they tend to refer to the content again and again. Tutorials are said to possess to the point knowledge about any product or service for products that can do without the emotional appeal and push messages.

By showing the product in action through online content creates a real feel about it and so the consumer can have a real opinion about it. Having real opinion about product make them a need and the consumer when one feels the needs will become a potential buyer.

Using Consumer Reviews:

Creating a real perception about the product is where it is at. While demonstrating any product or service it is always helpful developing content that shows actual consumers either use the product or share their experience while they used the product.

Marketers when using this brand marketing technique give viewers from honest opinion about the product and even if the consumer does not go for the purchase, consumer reviews seem bold enough to create a good reputation about the organization.

In other words consumer tends to go for the product which has displayed enough social proof that is has the ability to satisfy the need that the audience craves for. Once that perception is built it becomes very easy gathering new consumers and marketing the product through word of mouth.


In the past it was such a challenge first to create a commercial and then buying time for it on TV, but now with the advancement in video editing and the propagation of social media creating commercials has become so easy.

The cost that is saved by having logistics and buying air time, marketers can use the resource to have local celebrity endorsements that can help the product gain ample popularity amongst the local crowd and in no time people also start using the product as well.

Platform Unique Content:

Every social media or video platform has unique capacities that should be utilized to their maximum and having a marketing team that understands the little differences that set every usable platform apart is of the utmost need.

Every platform has users that differ from each other and people place preferences over platforms because of the unique features that are attached to them. So using different features of the plethora of platforms available gives out unique content and when viewed through that media outlet gives it relevancy.

If we take the example of the hit Netflix project Black Mirror: Banderstatch, the creators of the movie inserted videos choices based options while the viewer watched the movie to give a feel of being present inside the whole experience of the movie. Through this the audience became an active part of the viewing experience and the creator also used the technological capabilities of the platform in turn increasing the popularity of the platform itself.

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