Trendy Home Office Ideas to Make 2020 More Productive

As we’re counting down the last days of this year, it’s time to think about what the future will bring to us. While it’s not easy to predict what’s going to happen in every aspect of our life, there are some things we can be pretty sure about, such as interior design trends. With interior designers all over the world constantly on a lookout for better and more efficient solutions, which should help us improve the way we live and work, we can already guess what 2020 will bring in terms of interior design, especially when it comes to home offices. They are becoming increasingly popular as the number of people working from home is constantly rising, which is why we need to listen to experts who can help us. So, what are they saying?

A separate workspace is a must

A separate workspace is a must

For a home office to be a truly work-oriented space, it has to be dedicated. No more comfy chairs in your living room and you shouldn’t wait for everyone at home to finish their meal so that you can use the dining table to work. Instead, you should, by all means, strive to dedicate a closed-off room in your home to work only. This space should feature as few distractions as possible and be somewhere where the noise from the home won’t affect your work. Otherwise, you’ll be running a risk of being distracted too easily, which will inevitably affect your productivity.

Additional monitor

There are some conflicting opinions on this particular matter, but if the nature of your work is such that you’d welcome extra room for multitasking, this is definitely the way to go. This will also allow you to see the full scope of what you’re working on, which means you’re likely to be more productive and efficient and this investment will pay off very quickly.

Ergonomic chair or no chair?

Most people who work from home spend countless hours sitting. That means it’s quite easy for them to suffer from problems related to their back or spine. Investing in a top-quality ergonomic chair, which provides the right support while working can help you prevent postural problems. Another option is to use a stability ball, which is very popular these days. Finally, there is an option to ditch sitting as such and buy a standing desk. Ideally, you should try all options before making a purchase, but don’t forget that the worst thing is to use an uncomfortable chair.

Audio system

Audio system

Studies have shown that some music, when played at the right volume, is beneficial to productivity. Needless to say, we all enjoy different types and genres of music, which means there is no universal solution when it comes to the kind of music. Just make sure you have an adequate system that can provide good sound quality to the music you’ll be listening at a moderate volume. The right music will not only help you be more productive, but you’ll also feel less lonely.


It’s important for your home office to feel cozy and comfortable. One of the ways to achieve this is to have an attractive rug, which is made of natural material and easy to maintain. Take a look at the websites of most renowned sellers, such as the famous Miss Amara, browse their offer and choose the one which is both appealing and of the right size for your room.


Interior designers claim that 2020 will insist on even more indoor plants and home offices most certainly won’t be an exception. However, it’s vital that you check what kind of plants can thrive in such conditions. Your room may not get enough sunlight for most plants, but some others will benefit from such conditions. If you’re not sure which plant would survive in your home office, make sure you consult experts in the field. Apart from producing oxygen, plants are great because they also bring at least a small part of nature inside your home.


No matter how well you set everything up, there are occasional problems that might pop up through no fault of yours, since as power shortage. That’s why you need to have a backup power source ready, just in case, something like that happens when you’re about to meet a deadline. Also, ensure that all your data is backed up, either on a local hard drive or in the cloud. If you’ve opted for a local hard drive, make sure it’s hidden from view for aesthetic reasons, but also in a well-ventilated space.

Natural light

Natural light

One of the most important features of modern home offices in 2020 will definitely be natural light. Access to it and views of the outdoors are very desirable features of a workplace environment, perhaps even more than some stalwarts, such as home gyms. Some studies have confirmed that the absence of natural light and outdoor views has a negative impact on employees’ experience, which inevitably leads to lower productivity. So, if you really want to create an amazing atmosphere, see if you can install an extra window or at least a bigger one than the window you have right now if you don’t get enough natural light. This is also a great tip if you have old windows, which don’t provide good sound and thermal insulation since modern windows do both quite well.

This list of tips is far from wholly comprehensive, but you can use it as a very good start towards creating your dream home office, which is also designed according to the latest trends. Although functionality should be in focus, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make all these changes that will make the room not only more suitable for work but also much more pleasing to the eye. The investment you need to make to create such a space can pay off very soon since you’ll be much more motivated and productive, which easily translates into higher revenue. So, start thinking about redesigning your home office now!

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