Some Top-Notch SEO Strategies for Boosting Your SERP Rankings in 2019

In today’s rapidly shifting digital era, SEO techniques could be changing without any rhyme or reason and in all probability, you would not even come to know of it.

Hacks that were super-effective in fetching you a top ranking in the SERP until 2018, could prove to be obsolete in 2019 and may even end up hurting the SERP ranking of your website. Let us explore some cutting-edge SEO techniques that would help in skyrocketing your SERP rankings and boosting your overall traffic from organic search.

Your objective is to hire the services of an expert SEO company so that your website could figure on top of the Search Engine Ranking Page. Higher rankings would mean an increase in organic traffic and a definite boost in your ROI.

Make All Your Posts Pretty Easy to Read

You need to optimize your content to facilitate readability. You need to keep in mind that when your content is of top quality and readable, more people would be interested in reading your web content, it would ensure higher organic rankings and lower bounce rates.

You must follow a proper format for creating readable content. Let us examine some highlights.

Use Shorter Paragraphs: You must consider limiting each paragraph to around a maximum of three to four sentences. You may if necessary, even consider using a single-sentence paragraph sparingly. Remember that a paragraph is supposed to be a group of relevant sentences that are associated with a single idea. Hence, splitting a paragraph into single lines individually could result in fragmenting the central idea and makes it difficult to understand the overall idea.

Use a Mix of Different Sentence Lengths: You could mix and match longer sentences with short and medium sentences. We know that longer sentences would be quite difficult to keep track of particularly, on a phone screen but they may be effective if cleverly used sparingly along with both short and medium sentences.

Use Sub-Heads: You must be knowing already that an average individual actually spends merely 37 seconds on reading a particular piece of web content. You must make it a habit of using informative and clear sub-headers to make your content more readable and effective in guiding readers cleverly down the page. The use of sub-heads would facilitate scanning of your content easily and readers could grasp the gist of your online content easily.

Bullet Points: When there is plenty of information, statistics, facts, ideas, etc. packed into a single paragraph, you could highlight each point if you list them effectively with bullet points.

Images & White Space: If you go to a website that is full of text, it could feel quite overwhelming. It may result in high bounce rates. It is best to divide chunks of text using videos, pictures, and interesting graphs.

Create Quality Content: All these points could prove to be of no use if you do not produce high-quality content. Good content is fundamentally about fantastic ideas and truly compelling delivery.

Generate Long Blog Posts

SEO experts have always emphasized the significance of creating high-quality or exceptional content. Your content quality determines the ranking you would be obtaining ultimately in the Search Engine Ranking Page. So, we know that your content quality plays a pivotal role in exposing you to your target audience and boosting your search rankings. You could seek professional assistance from a reputed SEO Expert Company for perfect solutions.

As per,

“Longer content equals higher ranking—usually. You could write in-depth posts that discuss a specific topic in great detail. As per studies and ample research later, we find that the blog posts that appear on the search results’ first page were on an average approximately 1890 word-posts.”

However, the length of a post alone would not guarantee SEO success. You need to strike a perfect balance between quantity and quality for getting online success and boosting overall brand recognition and awareness.

Consider Upgrading Old Content

You could take maximum advantage of previous content that must have been very popular and successful from the SERP perspective. If your old content seems to be still relevant, you could consider updating and upgrading the content with the latest data and cutting-edge developments.

For instance, suppose you had posted an article on SEO strategies a couple of years ago, you know that there have been numerous modifications to the Google algorithms. So, you need to consider updating your article accordingly.

You may avoid writing a fresh new article instead, you could focus on adding more relevant and latest information to your old article. You could consider updating the Title of the article to make it really relevant to the current trends and latest developments.

You may go on editing the copy for making it even more SEO-friendly. This is an effective SEO technique for delivering more content by devoting far less time.

This could help in exposing your posts to a much broader audience. In the case of popular posts, there is some scope to be ranked higher in the SERP or Search Engine Results Page.

Boost Your Page Loading Speed

If your page loading speed is very slow, it would contribute to too many visitors bouncing off at once. It would result in poor UX and would be treated as a major red flag by the search engines. Page loading speed actually is a vital metric which could impact the SEO of your website profoundly.

Since 2018, it was announced by Google that your site’s loading speed would be a crucial ranking factor for both the mobile and desktop users. As per stats, around 53 percent users actually, abandon a specific mobile site if the site’s loading speed is more than 3 seconds.

You must examine the factors that are adversely impacting your site’s overall loading speed. Avoid them. Avoid excessive external media or too many images.

Video Content is the Way to Go

It has long been established that content is king, and video content now ranks as the most popular and effective across all online content. Surveys by Cisco as well as other top companies have confirmed that more than 80% of internet traffic is comprised of video content today.

Video has been scientifically proven to have higher retention rates than text and also is just more aesthetically pleasing. Beyond the obvious advantages, Google has now taken to featuring videos not only as part of their main search feed but also pushing high-quality popular videos higher on result pages.

If you can produce good video content and actually integrate it into your strategy, you are likely to do very well indeed. You must also make sure to have the right meta description and keywords so that your videos get noticed.


All webmasters desire to boost their search rankings. They are always trying their best to drive more traffic to their sites. However, you need to focus on the most effective SEO techniques for boosting your websites. With Voice and mobile searches becoming immensely popular, it is best to consider optimizing your website. Remember it is mandatory to stay abreast with the latest in the world of SEO to gain a competitive edge.

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