You’re Not Aware of These Digital Marketing Metrics [infographic]

Tracking the right metrics is key to any successful digital marketing campaign. By tracking the correct data, you can determine successes, as well as points of improvement.

If you really want to improve, you need to know which metrics are most valuable. We’ve rounded up the most important data points to track, and they’re listed below.

Top landing pages

This digital marketing metric tells you which of your landing pages have the most online visibility, especially in search.

Channel-specific traffic

This digital marketing metric allows you to determine where the majority of your web traffic comes from.

By tracking your channel-specific traffic, you’ll know whether people are visiting your site from email links or social media pages. You’ll then know which marketing channel you should focus your resources on.

Cost per lead

This digital marketing metric is the average cost of a digital marketing campaign (during a specific time period) divided by the number of leads it generated during the same period.

For example, say you spent $1,000 in the span of 30 days for paid advertising. In those 30 days, the campaign generated 20 leads. This means your cost per lead is $50.

Tracking this metric is helpful because it shows which of your campaigns are effective and which ones aren’t.

Conversion funnel rates

According to SEO expert Rand Fishkin, this digital marketing metric represents the percentage of potential customers who make it through each step of the conversion process.

You can use this metric to predict which marketing channels and behaviors will move your leads further down the sales funnel.

These metrics are just the tip of the digital marketing iceberg. There are so many others you can track—just check out this amazing infographic for more.


Originally posted at Campaign Monitor Blog.

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