Top 10 Most Useful Practical Twitter Tools for The Twitter Professionals

most useful twitter-tools - become a twitter pro
Since Twitter becomes a trend settler and a unique perspective to a micro blogging system. You should use it in a right way to boost up your productivity and connections around the world. Twitter has numerous web, desktop and hand-held device applications. Now with this wide range of Twitter related tools you might get into a real hard time to find the right applications. Specially when all the popular sites posted so many Twitter tools to use. The real life fact is you can’t and you wont be able to use all these tools in one shot. So I am gonna talk about selected Twitter tools which are the ultimate Swiss Army Knife. Nope I’m not going to include any mobile applications for Twitter because that really depends on the hand-held sets you are using. But for the info I am going to post the link to all the marvelous twitter tools those others already have enlisted. Well enough of my bla bla, so here are the tools that make you a Twitter Pro, these tools will help you to build your connections based on your interest and at the same time you will be able to keep track of them.

#1 TweetDeck – The Ultimate twitter desktop application


Previously I’ve written about the best adobe air desktop clients designed for twitter. Well, TweetDeck is the king among them. One piece of software will enable you to keep track of your twitter universe, manage and build connections. Tweetdeck takes all the information from Twitter and helps you manage the information overload by grouping them into manageable pieces or based on your interests.

TweetDeck Why?:

  • Multiple column based topic monitoring
  • Search twitter and monitor the search topics or even hashtags (No need to use twitter search website, real time saver)
  • Upload and insert the url of a photo via twitpic (Eliminate usage of twitpic website usage)
  • Do all the possible operations of twitter and more via the interface
  • TwitScoop Integrated, check the current trends in a column (nope you dont need to open twitscoop website)
  • Many url shortening services already integrated
  • Manage groups of contacts and monitor their tweets
  • Enables you to see your twitter profile details without opening twitter website
  • Enables inline translation of tweet
  • Integrates tweet shrinking services
  • Remembers your hashtags



#2 HootSuite – Social Media swiss-army knife

Hootsuite professional twitter client Top 10 Most Useful Practical Twitter Tools for The Twitter Professionals
HootSuite is your one stop twitter and other social network management tool under one slick and effective package.

Features Included:

  • Multiple Networks : Multiple Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Accounts Integrated
  • Team Workflow : Have a company or organization with more than one contributor? HootSuite makes it easy to manage multiple users over various social network accounts.
  • Track Statistics : Impress your friends, your boss or just yourself with our improved visualizations link statistics. Graphs show not only a summary but also individual message statistics!
  • Multi-Column Tabbed Layout : The new tabbed layout takes networking to new heights. Organize and customize your social network experience. Within each tab, you are able to create up to 6 columns. Drag and drop your tabs for easy organizing
  • Schedule Tweets : Provide rich, nourishing content to your followers at any time of day using the HootSuite tweet scheduler. Pre-schedule anything you like, from radio programming to birthday well-wishes. Or, tweet live!
  • View Threaded Conversations : Know what Tweet your followers are replying to with our threaded conversation.
  • And much more listed here



#3 SocialToo – a automatic feature tool

SocialToo includes the feature to send out surveys to your Twitter stream, and with the power of retweets, you can get some great results. Like Tweetlater, This tool is complete with automatic messages to people who follow you, automatic follow backs, and automatic unfollows when someone unfollows you. You can also subscribe to receive daily statistics about followers and unfollowers



#4 TweetManager – build up connections based on keywords

Tweet manager
What it does? I’ve previously wrote about this one, you can have a look too.

  • Automatically follow twitter users by desired keywords
  • Send mass message to 1000 or less users (use with care)
  • Send automatic response to people who @reply to you
  • Assign RSS feed to publish tweets automatically but personally I use TweeterFeed for that purpose
  • Manages dual account



#5 TweetScan – The Google Alert for twitter

When it comes to business intelligence, your first priority should always be to know and track what is being said about your company. TweetScan is a free service that will monitor a set of keywords, such as your company name or industry, and automatically send you E-mail alerts whenever somebody “tweets” about those terms. Think Google Alerts for Twitter.



#6 SocialOOmph AKA TweetLater

Tweet later
Going on a long vacation and don’t want to seem like you’ve fallen off the planet? You can schedule future tweets with Tweetlater, so your tweets will appear in the your followers feed at predetermined times. You can also automatically tweet about a blog post with the RSS feature. Tweetlater also includes services like automatic following and sending direct messages when others follow you, but I use SocialToo for those features (see #10). You can also set up keyword alerts to receive email updates of what people are tweeting about a topic, which could be yourself or your company.



#7 Twitter Karma

tweeter karma
Twitter Karma gives you multiple ways of seeing who you’re mutual followers are, who you’re following, and who’s following you. You can also bulk follow and unfollow people thanks to the service. It’s a great timesaver and great for keeping your contact list up-to-date. If you ever wonder if Twitter Karma may be wrong, just head over to DoesFollow to verify whether or not someone is following you.



#8 TweetStats

Add this stats tool to the essentials pile. This site offers detailed stats of your tweets, who you sent them to the most and when you usually sent them… Really impressive breakdown of data.



#9 Buzzom (no longer available)

It would be cliches to mention that social media is the BUZZ in the market. The world is seeing a change in the activity of the people. These days people want to express, share and indulge in discussion. Among many social media network, Twitter stands as a unique way to share knowledge and connect to people. They call is asynchronous model where two people doesn’t have to be connected in real world. This is the very fundamental of Twitter which have made it stand out in the herd of social media network.
Twitter is growing and so is the Twittersphere. There are numerous Twitter API based applications in the World, and that have been the main plus point for Twitter to get this shape. It is certainly the most used social media after Facebook, and have user base growing above 100% annually.
Let me discuss about our application which has quite a few general functions available in the web along with few really unique ones. Buzzom ( is Twitter Account Management Tool from InRev.

Buzzom’s major features are listed below:

      People Search and Follow them: Find people with keywords in their Bio. Find people who Tweet about the given keyword.
      Cross Follow : Find people who are following some account, or who are followed by some account. they can then be mass followed with ease.
      Account Management (Follow/Unfollow) (one will get the list and he can chose the people to follow or unfollow) Flush — Unfollow who do not follow you Grow — Find and follow people who are likely to follow back Reciprocate — Follow your followers
      Direct Operation – Mass Follow/Unfollow people directly without choosing from the list
      Follow Lock / Unfollow Lock — Lock relationships using this feature. There might be few people who one don’t want to follow or unfollow even though he are not reciprocated, such relationships can be locked. Once Follow Lock, Buzzom will never unfollow the account (till unlocked).
      Social Media Services from Buzzom — There are lots of Internet Marketing services we offer, which includes preparing Twitter BOT.

Each feature has been carefully crafted as per the need of the people. Among these features, People Search and Cross Follow is the most valuable and have lots of potential to drive your business.



#10 CoTweet


  • Manage up to six Twitter accounts through a single CoTweet login. Invite colleagues to join your accounts to work as a team representing your company on the front-line of your Twitter presence. Add your personal Twitter account and manage all your tweeting through one interface.
  • Monitor keywords and trends directly inside CoTweet. Twitter search is seamlessly integrated within the application. Maintain persistent searches on your product, brand and company names and take immediate action.
  • Share the responsibility of being on duty. Get email notifications when tweets are sent to your Twitter accounts.

  • Assign tweets to your colleagues for follow up. They’ll be notified via email and the tweets will appear in their “Follow Up” queue. Once they’ve responded, you’ll receive an email containing their response along with the original tweet.

  • View your team’s responses in context throughout the application. See which tweets have been responded to and know who’s said what to whom.
  • Click on any username to view conversation history, recent tweets, Twitter profile information and follower/following status. Make notes on users for anyone on your team to see. Follow or unfollow users on any of your accounts in one convenient panel.
  • CoTweet works seamlessly with™, the most popular and powerful URL shortener on the Internet. View click statistics on links from your tweets. Configure your accounts with CoTweet to keep your link history in one place.
  • Reliably break news at specific times, or just prepare tweets ahead of time to deliver a steady flow of updates throughout the day.
  • Easily post updates from multiple accounts at the same time, increasing your reach with minimal effort.
  • Keep a record of all your tweets—those you’ve received as well as those you’ve sent.

Well thats all for now, I am not gonna to include anything like twitter search and hashtag links here. These are already integrated with TweetDeck along with TwitScoop, url shortening services and twitpic.

Do you know about any other Twitter tool that can be on this list? Share with me please.

These are the practical tools that you should use in a day to day basis to become a pro in Twitter universe.

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