Top 4 Tips To Change Your Business Social Media Culture


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There is a fact about online companies that many people have not yet learned: you can be doing everything right, but if you are missing out on social media then you are not reaching your marketing potential.

Occasionally, you will have someone who comes out and says that having a social media strategy for your business is pointless. But they are just one of those unfortunate few that haven’t gotten on board with what is more than a trend. It is a way of operating a marketing campaign. Which is only holding them back in a market more saturated and competitive than ever before.

Still others are working that area, but aren’t doing it the right way. This ends up spending time and energy on a process that won’t yield any results. What good is that?  None at all, which is why you need to start approaching your social media culture as a major priority, to help expand your visibility and draw a wider customer base.

The Biggest Problem

Different people will have different opinions on what the biggest problem is with those companies who are not properly utilizing social media. But most would agree that the idea that everything has to be centered around a single social media “expert” is the largest. This includes that one content provider, one blogger, one Twitter or Facebook updater…well, you get the picture.

The truth is, everyone from the highest member of the company to the lowest level employee can be doing their part to strengthen your social media culture. Because in the end, the entire point behind social media marketing is spreading the word and interacting with customers or potential customers. Period.

Big Changes In Little Time

If you are hoping for some good news, I have it. It is actually pretty easy to restructure your whole approach to this brand of marketing. All it takes is a little bit of effort, and a surprisingly small amount of time to get started. But you also need the help and support of your employees, so don’t underestimate the importance of their cooperation.

Here are some tips to get you going:

  1. Get Everyone On Board – As I said, it is gravely important that everyone be on the same page within your company. Because everybody is going to have to do their bit – even if that bit is very small – to make it work. So gather them together, send out a mass email, or do whatever else you think will bring it to their attention.
  2. Be Clear and Accept Questions – Giving your employees a complete rundown of what you intend, what social media culture is, how it can help market through content and especially what they can do to contribute within their own area is 100% necessary. Be sure to answer any questions in that initial meeting, and encourage them to tell you anything they might not understand.
  3. Utilize All Social Media Powerhouses – When you think of the major players in this process, the same names probably come to mind: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These are all helpful, but you shouldn’t underestimate other sites such as YouTube (very important for viral content), and share sites like Reddit. The easiest way for employees to participate is through having different channels to put their energy. Some might want to make videos for YouTube, some might make updates on Facebook or share links.
  4. Get Everyone Involved In Blogging – If you don’t have a company blog, get one. But you probably already have one, like everyone else and their mother does. You should really focus on content for posts to this blog, and start building it up. It is a great way to generate sales, while keeping people informed and ushering in brand loyalty. Get employees involved by having them come up with blog topics and titles, and give their ideas on how to make it better.


You might be surprised to see that there are only four tips here. In reality, it is all you need. Using this general guideline, you and your company can get right down to business and start changing your social media culture in big ways. The fact it is so simple should show you that there is no excuse.

So get started today! You will be amazed by the results.

Jessy Troy is a social media enthusiast and business blogger for Life Insurance Finder, the free income protection insurance comparison app based in Australia.

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