The Importance of Personal Branding on Linkedin

In today’s digital age, online personal branding can make a world of difference. In simple terms, an online personal branding on LinkedIn is a unique opportunity for individuals to showcase their education, skills, knowledge, and experience online for various reasons. 

Why Personal Branding on LinkedIn

If you have ever thought about what others say about you when you’re not in the room and concerned about your overall image, then it is essential to building a personal brand is a must for you.

Even if you consider yourself not particularly outgoing or personable, it is essential to remember that we all have our own unique personal brand. In today’s competitive society, to thrive and create more opportunities, online personal branding plays a critical role in helping to ‘get you out there.’

Why Linkedin

It is essential to realize that your personal brand is also an overall reflection of your attributes, morals, ethics, values, strengths, and interests that you are known for. 

As one of the most essential and prominent professional networking services, LinkedIn is indispensable for employers and employees.

If someone cannot find you on LinkedIn, you may be virtually invisible, which is not a good thing. If you have a half-baked or incomplete LinkedIn Profile for the sake of it, this is also not good, as potential employers may wonder as to why your profile is weak or lacking information.

However, if you have a fully updated and complete LinkedIn profile, this will be to your advantage. It will show potential employers that you are technologically savvy, accomplished, professional, and driven within your particular industry or sector.

This is one of the most beneficial aspects of a complete and thorough LinkedIn profile. It can directly help individuals secure employment or receive job offers/gigs.

Who are You

Personal Branding On Linkedin Identity
Personal Branding On Linkedin – Who Are You?

Online personal branding tells others all about you, and Linkedin is one of the best platforms for Online personal branding, given its extensive and comprehensive reach and user-friendly functionality.

Linkedin users can craft their personal profiles to stand out, be recognized, and be seen for their individual accomplishments. Employers also love using LinkedIn to find out more about potential employees and specifics about their details, career, and work history.

In Summary

Your personal summary should be well written, including plenty of SEO-friendly keywords that will make your individual LinkedIn profile stand out. Avoid using high-flown language or complicated words that you may think will impress others but may actually serve to do the opposite, so be aware.  

Express your unique value proposition

Suppose you are predominantly in the service sector. In that case, online personal branding through Linkedin is a given, as it really helps to feature your career milestones, skills, and previous work history.

Suppose other users have given recommendations or testimonials affirming that ‘you can do, what you say, you can do.’ In that case, this helps others understand more about you and get to know what you do, what you can do for them, and how you can add value. 

Tell me More

Linkedin furthermore allows users to post their own articles and content, including shared posts from social media and networking channels. Such a facility enables individual users to emerge as thought leaders in their respective fields. They build up their authority with insightful posts that drive engagement and further networking.

Human Story

As humans, we all have a personal perspective on life, and Linkedin is an excellent place to share your work-life life balance. This can be about an individual’s family, hobbies, interests, or passion.

In your spare time, if you have a particular interest or affiliation that helps extend areas of your professional life, then Linkedin is a great place to share those with others who may have similar interests to you.

Human Story Essential For a Personal Branding On Linkedin
Human Story Essential For a Personal Branding On Linkedin

It is critical to make sure any content you share on Linkedin is fully responsive and adapted to work well, especially with mobile devices.

Driving Authority 

Becoming an authority in a particular field, especially those in the service sector, can lead to a rapid interest in your online personal brand. This is why it’s so essential to maintain an updated and complete online personal brand.

Business Growth 

Your reputation and authority, together with interest in your Linkedin Profile, can mean business, as consumers increasingly seek out your skills, knowledge, and experience as a thought leader, converting leads to sales in no time!

Expand your Network

LinkedIn users can also extend their professional network by connecting with other users. This has many advantages for online personal branding. 

First of all, adding former employers and colleagues onto your personal network shows potential employers and others a sense of stability and professional achievement. 

By adding potential employers, peers, former colleagues, friends, and others to your own personal LinkedIn Network, you can add further quality to your position as a thought leader in your respective field, which will undoubtedly help career growth.

It could also well be that a former colleague or peer is now in a position of authority and will perhaps recognize your potential and offer you employment or a temporary assignment.

Build Personal Brand: Engagement is Essential

LinkedIn Engagement Pods help individual users to make the most of their content through a process of mutual sharing, following, and liking. 

Engagement is a relationship builder 1000x667 The Importance of Personal Branding on Linkedin

Engagement is A Relationship Builder

Depending on your industry or sector, several separate Engagement Pods comprise other LinkedIn users who also have a similar vision to positively promote their shared content and increase their online personal branding levels.

Group Power

LinkedIn also has many groups based on interests. Individual LinkedIn users must join groups that they feel are related to their profession or service to further your online personal branding. 

If you are a web designer in Morocco, users should seek out, discover and explore what LinkedIn groups are available within your particular region for that subject. 

LinkedIn users can further add to their online personal branding by creating a new group if there is a gap, such as ‘Web Designers – Morocco.’

By creating, posting, and sharing within such groups, LinkedIn users can emerge as thought leaders with authority in that area. Thereby further driving forward their online personal brand as a recognized expert. Or even a knowledgeable resource person for others to follow, engage with or even offer employment or a service contract.  

What about Ads?

LinkedIn also offers users the opportunity to promote themselves through paid advertising. This can significantly impact extending a user’s own online personal brand, as users can target and select what kinds of users they wish to reach through their ads.

This can include potential employers, and industry thought leaders or influencers, and former peers or colleagues as well, all of whom can help you to leverage the power of LinkedIn in promoting and further extending the reach of your own online personal brand.

Negative Personal Branding  

Given the extensive global reach of LinkedIn, if users fail to complete or maintain their online personal branding, this can have negative consequences. 

As mentioned before, just as LinkedIn users may go to great lengths to fan out and expand their online personal brand reach. Posting or associating with posts or users who are no relevant or not applicable practically to your field, industry, or sector can paint users poorly and negatively.

Such actions can have a direct effect on the LinkedIn user’s professional outlook. It may end up costing you a job or tarnishing your reputation that can have long-term negative connotations for your online personal brand that you invested in developing, sharing, and exposing to the world.    

Positive Personal Branding

LinkedIn users can fill their profiles with positive personal branding, especially in testimonies and recommendations that shower praise on your accomplishments, achievements, skills, knowledge, and experience.

Together with a wide variety of created blog posts or branded content, this can all work to boost and uplift the online personal brand of the LinkedIn user. Posting content that is relevant, helpful, and industry-related is one of the fastest ways to get positive personal branding on LinkedIn.

Growing Together

While everyone makes mistakes, sharing your mistakes and learnings on LinkedIn. But the experience can serve to boost your online personal brand, as others will most likely engage with such content, as they may have experienced similar situations or recognize your courage in bringing them to light for others to learn from.


With the advent of digital technologies, a well-composed and presented positive online personal brand has many advantages and benefits. Making a favorable and popular LinkedIn Profile requires a lot of love, passion, and energy, and the rewards are numerous. 

This may be short-term, the opportunity for App Developers Australia to obtain immediate employment, or in the longer term, the potential to establish yourself as an industry thought leader with a respected following of similar caliber individuals sharing valuable advice, lessons, and insights.

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