Tips on How to Lower Your Bounce Rate In Google Analytics

The Google Analytics application is a very useful tool for webmasters to analyze the strength of their blog. Among the many statistics available is something called bounce rate. This is listed as a percentage and details how many visitors to your site leave without ever visiting another page on your site. A high bounce rate means that viewers are not sticking around to explore everything your blog has to offer. They are simply brought into your site through a link or search engine, peruse one article, and promptly leave to go on with their Internet journeys. Analyzing your site’s bounce rate is a great way to determine whether readers are getting real value from your blog or just merely stopping by.

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7 Essential Apps for the Business Side of Photography

Essential Apps for the Business side of Photography

Most photographers would be well aware of the tremendous advantages smart phones offer for businesses that are mobile, high-pressure and fluid. There are 100’s of iPhone apps out there to help you take pictures; they can measure light, tell you when the sun rises and calculate the depth of field. But there is also a whole host of other apps out there which can help you run your business more efficiently.

The following apps are the ones we have found most helpful in our own business:

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How to Create Retro Print Effects [Photoshop]

Create Retro Print Effects

There are lots of ways to take a photo and make it a little more interesting. Some of the most fun effects are actually making it look older than it is. You can dress up like a flapper girl or a cowboy, but having the photo in the right tones really makes the photo look as if it’s straight from another time period. There are many photo programs available to play with your photos. Some come with pre-made filters that take one click. The most common photo editing software for pros and aspiring photographers is Adobe Photoshop. Here we will discuss how to adjust new photos in Photoshop and make them look older.

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HTC Desire Review – Part 7 – Applications

HTC Desire Review - Applications

We’ve already seen the powerful telephony, multimedia and camera features of HTC Desire. Now lets have a look at the connectivity features and some of the applications comes with HTC Desire. Part of this article also contains numerous performance and battery tips to make your HTC Desire more useful and snappy.

Lets see what makes HTC Desire a useful device for your everyday needs.

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