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Push Notifications Marketing Channel to Improve App Retention

Push Notifications: Marketing Channel to Improve App Retention

Taking the value of a message Notification showcasing technique is a viable strategy with regards to giving clients an assortment of significant worth. In any case, more often than not, these messages are helpful to the clients as well as of high significance for top brands. All in all, why not change to push notifications?

  • Regardless of whether you are clearing a path for driving deals or wish to expand client commitment, message Notification is the ideal decision in your arms stockpile. The spring-up message is perhaps the best procedure right now in the market, which gives you a free portal to achievement in promoting.
  •  Notification messages system is one of a kind method to expand your business esteem and help inside promoting ranges as well as stretch out more extensive to different channels.

In any case, before executing the notices on your telephone, at that point, you have to comprehend the significance of pop notices that will enable you to remain ahead in the game.

Notification messages are the bread and butter of numerous portable application showcasing techniques, and they can be staggeringly successful whenever utilized effectively.

The uplifting news for advertisers is that individuals have gotten increasingly responsive to push messages when all is said in done. An ongoing study by Localytics found 52 percent of individuals announced that push Notifications are preferred these days over they were a couple of years prior.

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How is Blockchain Technology Going to Impact Mobile App Development

Businesses need to embrace trending technologies as innovation has no bounds. And the organizations need to adopt these technologies to survive in the competition for long

Blockchain technology is such a technology that makes parity for a distributed digital ledger for recording transactions in a decentralized database. It is a ground-breaking innovation.

Blockchain has made its grip on the whole world. It has become a familiar name for the masses now; even if someone has not heard about blockchain, then it is likely that the person must have heard about Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin is the technology that provides a decentralized digital transaction platform built on the blockchain.

But the most advanced benefit of having Blockchain technology is for the mobile operations these days. 

The mobile economy is unstoppable, and it is expected that the value will reach approx — $ 6.3 trillion by the year 2021. 

However, there are many intricacies associated with mobile technology that can be solved with the help of blockchain technology.

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Most Common Harmful Mobile Apps Your Kids Might be Accessing

Most kids use the internet to search for information, play games and chat with friends. However, kids are vulnerable to many online threats if left unsupervised. As such, all parents need to know the many online risks and, if possible, monitor their kid’s online activities. 

Check out the popular dangerous mobile apps for kids:

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The Mobile Customer Experience in 2019 & How to improve it

You have invested a lot in setting up your website, you are getting fairly enough business, and you are happy with! But have you ever given a thought whether your custom website design solution has a mobility quotient? Maybe your website is designed keeping in mind the user experience for the conventional browsers, but you might be overlooking UX for the mobile audience.

User experience plays a vital role when it comes to mobile devices. It requires a lot of planning, detailing, and analysis to make the website mobile-friendly and to avoid issues in the future. According to a recent survey, it is found that if your website is not mobile-friendly, 50% of the users will use it less even if they like your business or brand. Moreover, 52% of the users believe that poor mobile user experience makes them less likely to engage with the company!

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