PST Files: are They Good or Bad Choice for Data Storage?


When it comes to .pst files, most users cannot answer the simple question – what is the purpose of this format? What is the content of files in .pst format? And that is because of one thing – due to the numerous technical issues associated with this format, it remains to be very unpopular among common users and professionals.

Actually, the pst format was developed by Microsoft to store the personal information – email, phone numbers, addresses, and others – and if you do not have the corresponding Microsoft Office tool (and you likely do not have it), you may need a special pst file opener to check the file content or a converter to make it possible to open at least in Excel.

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4 Video Games That Shouldn't Have Been Cancelled

Video Games That Shouldn't Have Been Cancelled

Game cancellations are to games fans what the destruction of Alderaan is to a Jedi. But despite the great disturbance in the force that results, and the millions of screaming voices that echo throughout the forums in the wake of a cancellation, games are usually axed for very good reasons. Not every great idea makes a great game, and the money that it takes to develop and publish a game isn’t always worth it. However, there are some games that, regardless of their resulting quality, would have done the world a favour by being released.

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PIKOM PC Fair 2008 April Malaysia

I went to the PC fair as usual, it started from April 11th until April 13th. Prices seems to be went down a little bit more. The hot cakes were the gadgets – USB disks, mp3/mp4 players, laptops, desktops, PC accessories, digital cameras, audio equipments, LCD monitors and so on. As usual all the Internet service providers also there and they came up with promotions and sort of stuff. Was surprised to see Acer is offering Laptops for RM1499, yeah I know it’s not the High End laptop but it do have 1GB DDR2 ram and 120GB sata drive. Intel was offering promotional prices for their processors but still the Core 2 Duo processor and Core 2 Quad processor prices didn’t went down that much. Sony offered 32″ Bravia LCD TV series for RM2099 and RM220+ for DVD players. My friend can’t resist and he swiped the credit card for good = bought it. USB flash disks are everywhere, I got a 8GB USB disk for RM90, just for the info DO NOT buy Kingston flash disks, their product way out of order these days, actually I was looking for Corsair flash disks but anyway I got mine is Transcend JetFlash v30, supports windows security using the disk plus a downloadable utility to sync your documents, email, bookmarks while you are on the move. For best quality USB disks get a Corsair for optimal performance, other than that you can choose APACER, SANDISK U3, TRANSCEND, PENDRIVE etc.




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Microsoft and Their Inevitable BSOD

We all know very well Microsoft and BSOD is two side of a coin. It’s inevitable how the BSOD scares us off. Now there is some other BSOD that can give you a descent naughty smile on your face.. It’s created by the Genius Mark Russinovich from SysInternals. Let’s take a step back in the history. Previously SysInternals made a huge number of Windows NT, 2000, XP & Server 2003 tools which the very advanced developers and core operating systems developers didn’t even dream about. With his numerous success with command line administration tools and core system level utilities he took immediate attention from Microsoft itself. At 2006 Microsoft bought over SysInternals and it was inevitable too. SysInternal Administrator tools are the optimal Swiss army knife for any windows server administrators. SysInternal Administrator tools are still freeware and available for download. So back to present, Mark Created an innovative BSOD emulated screensaver for windows and it utilizes the original ntoskrnl.exe from NT, 2K, XP, 2003.

Windows Server 2008 Features at a Glance

Server Last 2 days I've been to Info Trek for a Microsoft Touchdown of Windows Server 2008. There are quite a number of new features included in Windows Server 2008, namely the IIS 7.0, .Net framework 3.5, WMI Management, Transactional File Systems and so on. Windows 2008 Server looks like Windows Vista interface with a classic look for a better performance. Windows 2008 Server will be released in Public possibly March 2008.  Here is a feature Glance of Windows 2008 Server.

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