5 Strategic Ways Through Which Social Media Can Contribute Towards Your Website SEO

5 Strategic Ways Through Which Social Media Can Contribute Towards Your Website SEO

For most of the business owners who are new to digital marketing, there is a general misconception that social media marketing is totally different from SEO, and they are standalone entities with distinctive goals. However, in the modern world of marketing, SEO and social media marketing work together in order to create value for a brand and make it relevant to the audience. Any successful digital marketing strategy will do its best to combine both social media and SEO to work in a fine balance. Further, in this article, we will discuss some unique ways through which social media contribute to the SEO value of a website.

Social media for SEO

Even though there is no direct link for social media signals to impact the search rankings of websites, they tend to affect SEO in other ways as:

  • Increasing the visibility for a particular brand and website online.
  • Increase brand recognition, authority, and engagement.
  • Social media helps in broader distribution of content and maintains a longer lifespan for content.
  • Social media largely help improve local SEO efforts.

So, the key question asked by many as to “whether social signals have an impact on website rankings?” must be changed to “How much indirect effect social signals have?” now, we know they tend to make a fair difference, and keep on reading to tap the best out of it.

About social signals

Social signals are primarily the posts, reviews, shares, likes, votes, links, or pins you get on the major social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or so. These signals indicate that a brand is being viewed and talked about in the marketplace. This way, social media signals increases the online visibility of a product or brand and supports the SEO efforts by driving in more traffic to the product or service web pages.


In marketing, more visibility obviously ends up in more results. Say, for example, if your conversion rate for a particular product is identified to be 5%, which means every 100 people visit your product page, the result is 5 leads. So, in every possibility, you can make it 10 if you get 200 visiting your page, and this is where social media plays a crucial role.

The goal of doing SEO on your website and other marketing efforts for your business is to increase the leads, sales, and revenue. More people see your offerings, more opportunities you get to convert them.

Adding to this, nowadays Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages are considered by the users as any other pages on the web index. Someone happens to be on Twitter may also be there on Facebook. So, all these activities as rich resources for you to communicate with the potential users and invite them to land on your website to get better deals and offers.

So, brand recognition is the major benefit to gain through social media activities, which is a brand’s ability to pursue your target audience to reach to your company. All design aspects like logos, colors, slogans everything you use for social media promotions will help achieve this goal. Your brand profiles on social media platforms like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Glassdoor, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. act as the channels for you to run in traffic. Let’s further see how it is achieved.

1) Social Media can help in content promotion

The primary way through which social media can help your search ranking is through content promotion. On the open platform of social media, we can write, record, or film great among of good quality key-word specific content, which may otherwise leave unnoticed on a typical web page. Social media offers unlimited opportunities to you to take the quality content to masses, which you have actually worked hard to produce.

2) Social media for more engagement

Another unique way through which social media helps improve the SEO is engagement. If somebody finds your content interesting and useful, they may tend to share it among their groups on a social media platform. Even though this is not a ranking signal for search engines like Bing, it enhances the engagement rate, which ultimately contributes towards better SEO value. Better engagement helps not only your online reputation but also the content which gets more engagement on social media platforms may get ranked on top against the topics they cover.

3) Social sharing and link building

From the SEO perspective, social media also helps generate high quality, authentic links from many influential websites. Renowned influencers in various domains now primarily use social media as their platform than anything else. As Toronto SEO Consultant suggests, if you also succeed to get your content on the same channels in line with them, there is a good possibility that they may see it and link to it, which will instantly take your content to thousands of new users. The high-value link building can be effectively done which can surely help to expedite the results of your off-page SEO efforts.


4) Increased brand awareness

Another commendable way through which social media contributes towards SEO is by spreading brand awareness. This may not be initially recognized as a branding advantage rather than SEO value, but the actual SEO benefit in the background is really huge. Increasing the brand reputation on social media along with consistent delivery of high-quality content will enhance your online brand presence, through which more people will land on your web pages through searches. The more the number branded searches you start to receive, the more chances are there for you to get ranked against the non-branded keywords too.

5) Google partnership with social media

Being the number one search engine platform, it is also a reassuring fact to the social media marketers that Google sets to open a partnership with Twitter. Even though the exact concept and content of the partnership are not clear, we may assume in every possibility that the future may be of social search marketing. We can see tweets popping up in the Google search results already for some branded searches. This can surely enhance the brand awareness and authority for businesses to help in link building with influencer sites.

Even though there is no direct linkage, as we have seen above, social media now contribute effectively to improve the organic ranking of your website in search engines. Alongside, social media is also showing the potential to serve as an invaluable search tool in the future. Whether it is through boosted engagement, content promotions, link-building, or increased brand awareness, you can leverage social media now to increase your organic traffic and conversions.