12 Exact Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Search Engine Marketing

SEM or search engine marketing is a vital marketing channel for generating web traffic. It will complement content marketing and SEO and make a brand reach the top of search engines provided you play the SEM card right. Once SEM was regarded as an umbrella term for anything that is related to online search marketing and encompassed factors such as SEO. Marketers, however, have made the distinction amid SEM and SEO. Now SEM refers to any paid advertising in the search engines.

Why Small Businesses Need SEM?

Take a look at the 12 different reasons why small businesses need SEM,

  1. More Money – First and foremost, why a marketing agency must pitch search marketing to clients is definitely for more money. After all, SEM offers agencies and brands the potential of making more money from marketing campaigns.
  2. Conversion-Focused – Though money is the critical objective this does not mean that you ignore other forms of conversions. The goals of marketing campaign such as contest entries, newsletter signups or new subscribers are alternative forms of conversions which a marketer may try to attain. For any marketing campaign, SEM is a crucial conversion driver. That is because paid ads generally are linked with landing pages that are conversion-focused or the sales pages which move web traffic via the sales funnel. Paid ads, as opposed to organic results, are linked typically to landing pages. From this point of view, SEO will be capable of supporting brand awareness while the paid ads will focus on particular goals as well as the end of the funnel conversions. To know more contact the best Orlando search marketing expert.
  3. Increase Brand Awareness – SEM can work wonders when it comes to supporting brand awareness. Search ads as per Google can boost up brand awareness by at least 80%. Even if ads fail to receive clicks, the brand names will be visible which means the searchers will still recognize or read about the brand name, product or URL after seeing the ad.
  4. Accessible to Small Accounts – The truth is SEM is accessible even in case of small accounts which is excellent news for firms that serve multi-location franchises and SMBs which require spreading their budget amid different location-based campaigns.
  5. Good for Local Marketing – Search marketing is a crucial tool to drive website visits and achieve more conversions on just any budget. In case of a local marketer, this is more important. Local marketing will aim in connecting regional businesses with surrounding communities which it services. The local SEM ads will provide businesses with a leg up with regards to generating foot traffic in case of local stores.
  6. Generate Immediate Results – Search engine optimization and other online marketing mediums are long game strategies which generate traffic for the web for a long time. On the other hand, SEM possesses the potential of delivering immediate results. Typically, ads take minutes for creating. Optimization and ongoing account maintenance are part and parcel to run any SEM campaign.
  7. Consistent Traffic Source – No matter the type of business, all desire consistent web traffic for maintaining visibility and sales yet also must be capable of planning, forecasting, and budgeting. Drops and spikes in traffic, unfortunately, are prevalent and unexplained at times. For mitigating such chaos, the use of search ads can help in generating consistent traffic for specific keywords thereby helping to control the traffic that comes to the website.
  8. More Qualified Leads – Search ads can help in bringing the right amount of traffic. With SEM you will be capable of creating a custom audience who will see your ad and engage with it compared to an average searcher. The pay per click search ads will enable you in targeting specific demographics and visitors within the sales funnel at any point which means the traffic received from the various paid ads will be more qualified compared to traffic coming from the organic SEO.
  9. Be First Quickest – Ads appear in SERPs first. Paid search ads will provide an opportunity of being at the search results top. SEM can help in getting you in the first page easily compared to SEO, and this is where every click takes place.
  10. Highly Practical – SEM will deliver instant visibility, and there is a practical reason behind this. People always look for answers fast; hence search ads will get clicked indiscriminately.
  11. Understand Search Intent – Search engine marketing can prove useful to analyze traffic and discover search intent. Understanding keywords will offer a unique insight regarding what customers are on the lookout for which can help in informing the other marketing channels. Ever since the commencement of Not Provided to discover search intent via paid search channels as well as bringing it back into organic turned into a common strategy. Besides search intent can also help to optimize the landing page copy and the CTAs.
  12. More Competitive Data – SEM can also offer insights into competitors. Via checking the ads of the competitors and making a comparison of the keywords that they have targeted with yours, it can help in increasing your campaign’s effectiveness and also rank higher. The competitive analysis tools will assist in tracking keywords and analyzing valuable insights which will boost up the marketing campaigns as well as drive higher traffic.

In short, SEM works. Such 12 powerful reasons will convince clients in trying their hands at paid search advertising. It has the potential of offering immediate results, more money, and conversions; hence clients must turn into an SEM believer right away. Apart from this, SEM will get brands at the search result pages top. Besides, it will offer advertisers with flexibility as well as inform the other marketing channels.

The truth is, it is vital for a brand in emphasizing SEM to see results that are long-term and immediate, analyze the data to get a better insight while in turn help in converting visitors to customers. All in all, SEM possesses the power of doing all this and much more.

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