5 Social Media Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Holiday Sales

Social media plays such a significant role in our lives, and it’s much bigger than anyone anticipated. It has gone way beyond its original purpose which is to connect people from around the globe. Companies, whether big or small, have adapted to the power of social media and are also advertising and selling via social media. With that, it is already a must for all businesses to come up and execute an excellent social media marketing plan to capitalize on the potential social media brings.

What is a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Social media enables you to reach out to your audience while your social media marketing strategy helps you keep and grow your audience. Through the platform, you can gain access to the demographic and the psychographic profiles of your audience which can guide you to create content that will entice them. Engaging with your customers is also essential, and that is made easier by social media. With the vast reach of social media, it even much easier for you to tap into and connect to your target audience.

During the holidays, there is a lot more traffic on social media which can be used to your advantage. In this article, we will tackle five strategies that will boost your holiday sales.

1. Schedule your Posts in Advance

1. Schedule post

Keeping a content schedule gives you a rough guide on what contents need to be published at a certain period of time. Plotting out the material gives you ample time to create it, receive feedback, edit it, and do the finishing touches. Doing this makes sure you deliver high-quality outputs.

Additionally, writing your posts before you need them saves you a lot of time especially during the holiday rush. Try to finish all the preparations beforehand so you can focus on executing them properly during the actual holiday season.

2. Take Advantage of Holiday Hashtags

2. Hashtags

People all over the world make use of holiday hashtags, so you better jump on the fantastic opportunity. They might give you that push of visibility to match your audiences’ shopping and searching mindset.

When you use a holiday hashtag such as #ChristmasGiftIdeas and #NewYearNewMe, your post appears whenever someone looks through the tag or in holiday social media searches. Pair the usage of hashtags with appealing visual aids to maximize your chances to attract more customers.

3. Tap to Micro-Influencers

3. Influencer

Getting celebrities to endorse your brand is extremely expensive, so it might not be an option for smaller brands. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, you can consider tapping into micro-influencers instead. Just like regular bloggers and social media influencers, micro-influencers do the same thing but on a smaller scale. Working with micro-influencers may not be the short end of the stick; it was reported that engagement rates from micro-influencers are 60% higher than that of highly popular accounts. Reach out to the micro-influencers in your industry and collaborate with them over the holiday season.

4. Offer Free Holiday Shipping

4. Free Shipping

One of the highlights of the holidays is the spirit of gift-giving so you can expect a lot of movement in malls and even in online stores. One way to entice your customers to purchase from you is to offer free shipping for the holidays. Around 46.7% of customers claimed that they consider free shipping/shipping promotions as a factor when deciding where to shop and 31% would even go as far as delaying their purchase to wait for a free shipping offer.

If you want to maximize your sales, here are some ways on how you can implement free shipping in your online store:

Set a Minimum Order Price

You can set a specific price that the customers need in order to be able to use the promo for free shipping. Usually, it is set at a rate just slightly above the order price for a single product. According to Statista, 48% of customers will add items to purchase to avail of free shipping.

Choose Products for Free Shipping

To increase your sale and also promote a specific product, you can tag the product as a way to qualify for the free shipping promo. Upon adding the specified product to your shopping cart, you can already have free shipping for all other products in your cart.

Offer Reward Promos

Letting your customers know about the reward program you have will not do you any harm. Around 41% of customers search for a promo code for free shipping. To use this opportunity, create a shortlist of customers you’d want to offer the rewards to and send them an email. Inform them about the available discounts and promo codes so they’ll be encouraged to complete another transaction on your site.

5. Make the Most of Facebook Chatbots

5. Chatbots

Reportedly, the next trend on social media marketing is all about Facebook Chatbots.

Facebook chatbots are pre-programmed or powered by an AI to communicate with your visitors on your page. Facebook messenger has impressive stats of their open rates and clicks rates of 80% and 13%, respectively which completely surpass that of the email (33% open rate and 2.1% click rate). Chatbots on Facebook messenger can help in real-time engagements with customers without much effort.

Moreover, by 2020, it was projected that 85% of customer and business interaction would happen without a human intermediary. While it’s still early, incorporate a chatbot to your business page to help you handle all the traffic the holidays bring.


To say that social media is taking over our lives isn’t even an exaggeration. There’s a lot of potential social media can bring to your brand on a regular basis, and during the holidays, it’s much more heightened. Put this opportunity in your favor with the strategies we presented above. Remember that this holiday is a big opportunity for you and your brand. Never snub this holiday as it can give you a better brand image and higher overall sales.

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