Secrets Behind The Increasing Demand for Mobile Apps

Mobile apps as a solution not only provides accessibility also helps to change the life of people in a positive way. The mobile apps have got solutions for almost all problems in life to be it health-related, education-related, shopping-related or food-related. Because of the presence in a vast range of categories and different aspects of life, the increasing numbers of people are preferring apps over websites.

The massive increase in the demand for mobile apps can be ascertained by the fact that the number of mobile app downloads is expected to go up to 352.9 billion in the year 2021 from 204 billion in 2019. As per the recent study, people are spending 9% more time in the app with comparison to the website. Not only the number of downloads, but the revenue generated from mobile apps also has increased from 218.2 billion USD in the year 2016 to 461.7 billion USD in the year 2019.

Because of this huge demand, more and more companies are venturing into mobile app development irrespective of their size. Mobile app development services also help to make the market more open and the customer gets a chance to browse through different apps before selecting any products and services. Because of this added transparency, people are spending 2.3 hours on a daily basis on different mobile apps.

Mobile apps not only provide the customer with options for essential services, but it also helps people in different aspects of life be it diet, education or entertainment. For every age group, the mobile app has got a unique solution. Because of this mass, a mobile app development business is expected to grow at a rapid pace. The boom in the mobile app industry also leads to an increase in the demand for best mobile app developers.

The above-mentioned figures are a testimonial of the fact that mobile app development services are growing exorbitantly and all set to overtake websites in terms of accessibility. There are several factors that led to this massive growth in the mobile app development services industry.

Modern gadgets and innovative features

Increasing penetration of mobile devices across the world also ensures success for the mobile app development services. New technologies are introduced almost daily for the development of an app which essentially makes mobile apps more convenient. With the increasing demand for features, mobile manufacturers are turning into innovative apps for the customer’s benefit. To provide additional benefits to their customer mobile companies are providing pre-loaded apps with innovative features along with their device. The app development industry is going to grow at an astronomical rate in the coming days based on these latest devices and their compelling features.

The boom in eCommerce business

One of the most prominent reasons behind the growth in mobile app development services is the growth of the eCommerce industry. With the rapid growth of the eCommerce industry more and more companies are trying their hand in the eCommerce sector. Because of this growing competition, an increasing number of eCommerce companies are trying to provide additional accessibility and services to their customers.

As a result of the above factors, eCommerce companies are going for mobile app development for added accessibility. Mobile apps help them to provide easy availability of products and services to customers and additional convenience. Also, e-commerce companies are using their mobile app to inform customers about their different schemes through push notification. In the coming day it is expected that more and more eCommerce businesses will go for app-only format and in turn, increase the demand for mobile app development services.


Mobile app development services are no longer a costly affair. With the advent of modern technologies and ample open-source platform app development is affordable for everyone. Unlike olden days where it was meant only for large organizations, app developments are becoming more and more budget-friendly. In terms of customized apps, the cost of developments has reduced drastically in recent years. It is expected in the coming days, app development will be less costly than a website. Because of the vitreous pricing, the best mobile app developers will be high on demand in the coming days.

Seamless and transparent communications

An increase in the usage of mobile apps leads to better and efficient communication among all stakeholders. The easy accessibility of mobile apps also helps to increase transparency and the free flow of information.

There are several types of apps that help to improve communication in different ways. The presence of several social media apps helps to connect with each other in a far better way. A news app helps to keep people in tune with the latest news. Also, business houses are using their apps to spread out their message quickly among their customer base. Even a large number of businesses are using WhatsApp to communicate with different groups of people be it customers, directors or employees. Even government organizations are hiring mobile app developers to develop applications to spread out their information efficiently among the public.

Boon for the startups

Previously app developments are meant only for the major and big organizations. But with the development of new technology and increasing mobile penetration, all kinds of companies are hiring mobile app developers for building their apps.

With the boom in the startup industry, the majority of tech startups are launching their services based on the mobile app. Presence in the form of a mobile app helps them to provide easy accessibility to their clients. An increasing number of customers are turning to their mobile apps for accessing various services. The tech startups are using this as an opportunity and building solutions for every problem is it for cab booking, online food delivery or delivery of medicines.

The unique advantage of enterprise apps

Along with the increase in the demand for consumer apps, there is also a surge in demand for enterprise apps. An increasing number of organizations are turning into enterprise apps for smooth and efficient business operations. Enterprise apps also help organizations to keep a check on different stakeholders and carry out their activity in the most efficient manner. An efficient enterprise app coupled with a consumer app will really help any organization to grow rapidly.

The surge in demand for experienced developers

The growth in the mobile app development services industry also led to growth in the demand for mobile app developers. Because of the increasing demand for mobile apps, more and more software companies are hiring experienced mobile app developers. This, in turn, helps to increase the demand for the best mobile app developers.

As per the US bureau of labor statistics, the demand for mobile app developers is going to increase by up to 24% by the year 2026. Along with the regular mobile app development services, demand for the enterprise app and IoT apps are also contributing a lot in terms of an increase in the demand. So in case you are a mobile app developer, get ready for the surge in demand for your skill set.

The conclusion

Businesses who had already invested in the mobile app development services are all set to grow rapidly because of their easy accessibility. In case you are into consumer-facing business, it is highly recommended that you should hire an efficient mobile app developer for your business. This will help you to connect with your customers seamlessly and spread out your business operations rapidly. With the massive growth in mobile penetration, a prominent presence in-app space will definitely help you to grow as a business owner.

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