Ruby vs PHP – Which is the Most Suitable Programming Language for your Startup

If your company is brimming with developers, And if you ask them to choose which language should company choose to get maximum profit. Mind you; there will be a hard debate.

Jokes aside, one of the principal addresses you’ll have to reply as a startup organizer will be: “What programming language you should choose for your startup?” Ruby or PHP web development, this choice must be yours. But, to take you out of this confusion we have collected some of the basic facts about Ruby and PHP to make your decision easy and straightforward.

Both names are open-source scripting languages that are utilized for building web applications and broadly useful programming also. They showed up amidst the 1990s, and have common roots in the C language.


This object-oriented language having features like Eiffel, Ada, Lisp, Small talk, Perl and C. With Ruby, web engineers get clear syntax (much the same as Python and Perl to some degree comparative) and upturned productivity. Its core value is that you can go diverse approaches to do a similar thing. Ease of use is one of the contentions for why Ruby is superior to PHP. Code written with this language isn’t just elegant and expressive yet additionally exceptionally usable, which clears away any disarray for clients.

Enthusiasm for this innovation got with the arrival of Ruby on Rails in 2005. Regardless it lingers a long ways behind PHP. Among the applications worked with RoR are Kickstarter, Airbnb, and numerous others.


This is server-side scripting language controls over 80% of all websites including WhatsApp and Viber. Also, it likewise is the reason for prestigious content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Drupal. PHP enables you to make a scope of web products from straightforward web journals to dynamic websites.

Differences and similarities among Ruby and PHP

We should start our voyage with hands-on differences and similarities between the languages to inspire a clear comprehension of when to pick Ruby or/versus PHP for web development.


Both languages:

  • Are dynamically composed
  • Have special cases
  • Have usual programming paradigms (basic, protest situated, intelligent)
  • Have a broad standard library
  • Use string interpolation
  • Have vectorized activities
  • Have waste gathering
  • Have classes with access control (private, open, secured)
  • Have string designing syntax
  • Support multi-dimensional arrays
  • Are appropriate for quick prototyping


  • Ruby varies from PHP in the absence of various syntax to get to strategies, variables, and properties.
  • PHP utilizes type indicates in specific cases yet is dynamic. Ruby uses duck composing and no sort insights.
  • PHP utilizes a semicolon as an ending image. In Ruby, you can use only the following line or the comma also, which is an uncommon case and appropriate for various guidelines per line.
  • A two strings link is actualized through speck (.) in PHP and in addition to signing (+) in Ruby.
  • PHP bolsters 32/64-bit whole number information types, while Ruby used to leverage two noticeable entire number classes: Fixnum and Bignum. In the most current form, both of them have been bound together into one CLASS – Integer.
  • Solid composing in Ruby versus frail composing in PHP.
  • Code obstructs in PHP end with curly brackets ({}). In Ruby, you can pick between curly brackets and “end” for this reason.
  • Not at all like PHP, Ruby backings records and complex numbers.
  • Ruby permits nesting classes in a similar document and module, while in PHP, each class requires its very own record and namespace.
  • Complex PHP syntax versus straightforward in Ruby.

Integrations (Frameworks)

When we talk about Ruby versus PHP utilization, we should remember that the language-based frameworks are no less imperative. For instance, Ruby on Rails surpasses its primary programming language in prominence which is confirmed by various articles on the web where RoR and PHP are thought about. However, that resembles contrasting a chicken soup and noodles. They are both consumable yet unique fundamentally. Therefore, it bodes well to look at Laravel versus Rails – two incredible web development tools.


We’ll attempt to be unprejudiced, yet Rails holds an extraordinary place in Railway’s weapons store. This innovation can flaunt various advantages including consistency, combination, versatility, security, and others. Every one of these buzzwords implies that you invest less energy and cash on web application building contrasted with numerous different choices. Another striking advantage is startup-introduction. The framework can provide quick, productive and quality results through the purported enchantment – Model-View-Controller (MVC) rule, the tradition over setup paradigm, test-driven development approach, and so forth.

It is anything but a silver slug that can be connected to any extent. In any case, if you need to assemble an ordinary web application with no settled idea (visit changes are likely), RoR is by all accounts a perfect choice. You can discover more data concerning for what reason to utilize Ruby on Rails for your product here.


PHP offers a cluster of frameworks – CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, etc. Be that as it may, we should concentrate on Laravel – a significant contender to Rails. This PHP framework is seven years more youthful than RoR. In the meantime, they have numerous similarities like the MVC design, OOP bolster, DRY rule, and excellent network bolster. The vast majority of the differences lie in syntax because of their starting point. It is fascinating that Laravel enables you to fabricate any web application including secret word administrators, informal communities, web-based business websites, and so forth.

This is only a short introduction to Ruby on Rails versus PHP Laravel. Frankly, this subject merits further consideration.

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