How to Make Relocation Less of a Hassle for Everyone?

Moving from one city to another can be a nightmare. Apart from arranging for packers and movers, you need to tackle the overly helpful neighbors, unwanted advisors, and irrelevant phone calls. You will find complete strangers approach you with a hoard of their nightmarish personal stories involving relocation. However, you must keep calm and keep packing because you have found the best relocation service ever.

Well, we are assuming you have found a reliable relocation service since it is time to move. Finding them can be quite easy for you. Even with your daily workload and family time, the search should not take you more than a couple of hours if you how to proceed with it.

Check the employer’s policies on relocation

Always begin with your employer’s relocation policy. Many employers have strict deadline policies when it comes to physician relocation. They follow a strict “own it or lose it” system for the reports. They usually pay the movers directly. Some employers also reimburse the physician once they have settled in into their new home. Find out if you can show this as a deductible expense during your income tax filings.

Check out recommended relocation vendors

You might find it easier to pick the correct vendor at your first try if you begin your research with your employer’s preferred relocation vendors’ list. This list should contain multiple vendors in your area. These are the companies that have worked hard in earning their positive reviews, and they strive to serve the doctors.

Read the employer’s relocation policies once again!

After you have finished packing and you are ready to make your final move, reread those policies. Sometimes, it takes months to transit from the first communication with your new employer to labeling your last box for the new home. Instead of relying on memory, you need to confirm the details of your relocation. Read the policy papers (website) once more to learn about the following –

  1. What are the preferable dates for moving?
  2. Where can you store the furniture while you go on a house hunt in the new city?
  3. How much of the moving cost and travel cost will your new employer pay? Will they pay the full amount for your family as well?
  4. Do they have any rules or preferences about shipping and boarding pets?
  5. How will they document expenses? Do they need stubs and receipts? Will they be satisfied with an excel sheet from you after you settle in?

Mention your valuables

While moving, always label your high-value inventory. If you have heirloom and expensive items, always inform the relocation services. Many people believe that anonymity is the best protection for their valuables, but that is the farthest from the truth. Telling your moving services about their real worth can help them protect your belongings more effectively.

After you have unloaded your last box, it is time for you to give your CPA a call. Do not rely on DIY software programs and mobile applications for calculating your taxes. You need a real human with the finer accounting abilities to help you out immediately after relocation!

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