5 Reasons Why Cisco 210-260 Leads to Success in Networking


Do you like building networks? Do you wish for a flourishing networking career? Then you need to follow the path that ensures you have this and much more. Professionals across the world are now going for the Cisco 210-260 exam because of how significant it is in the field of IT. 

This test that helps you gain the CCNP Collaboration certification is the focus of this article. You’re going to learn the details of the exam, how you can use exam dumps to prepare, and the reasons why it leads to success in networking.

Exam 210-260 Details

Exam 210-260, also known as ‘Implementing Cisco IP Telephony and Video, Part II’ is the second of four tests leading to the CCNP Collaboration credential. The other three tests are the Cisco exams 300-420 ENSLD, 300-080, and 300-085. It’s given to candidates to validate their skills in implementing solutions for Cisco’s Unified Collaboration in a multisite environment. 

The test 210-260, available in English, includes 50-60 questions requiring candidates to answer in 75 minutes. These questions are formatted differently, their types are testlet, multiple-choice, simulation, drag-and-drop, simlet, and fill-in-the-blank form. 

But why this Cisco assessment is considered highly in the networking world? You’ll get these reasons in the next part of this post.

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5 Reasons Why Exam 210-260 Leads to Success in Networking

#1. Earning a credential from a leader in IT

Cisco is a pioneer as well as an industry leader in networking. In fact, its market share happens to be the largest in the IT industry. Most traffic on the internet goes through networks, this means most organizations use Cisco products. The high need for professionals with top-notch networking experience has come as a result of this. When you have a Cisco certification, it means you have some of the rarest and most sought after IT skills. The CCNP suggests more demand and more marketability for your competence

#2. You attain stand-out skills

By passing the CCNP 210-260 exam, you demonstrate to others that you’re serious about your career and possess the most relevant skills. Employers and HR managers eagerly hire specialists interested in upgrading their skills and earning new qualifications as these are most responsible, effective and motivated. With the certification, you show them that you are the employee they are looking for. So there are no questions in either passing 210-260 tests or not. 

#3. Increases your chances of getting a well-paying job

Having succeeded in the exam and obtaining the certification boosts your chances of earning well. Most companies offer attractive rewards for their employees who are Cisco certified. 

This unique CCNP Collaboration credential will also make sure you can easily get promotions. You’re not going to stay in the same job rank for long with your badge. This certification makes way for you to work as a network engineer or network architect. The PayScale website states that the average annual pay for Cisco certified network professionals is about $94k.

#4. Exam prepares you for network evolutions in this digital era

As businesses or organizations continuously transform through digitization, there are radical changes currently going on in the IT arena. Progressing in networking, therefore, implies you have to embrace these transformations for your career to grow. Make sure you’re always up to date with the industry development.

#5. Gives you a chance to advance your skills

Once you’ve met the requirements of the CCNP 210-260 exam, you get a chance to take and pass the other exams. After acing them all and earning your CCNP, you get a rare opportunity to go for the expert CCIE certification. This step will ensure you enjoy even greater benefits than you did as a CCNP. You’ll acquire advanced skills which will play a big role in earning you some of the highest paying job positions. 


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How to Get Ready for Exam 210-260 with Exam Dumps?

There’s a lot of work behind every successful venture. And enjoying the rewards that come after passing this Cisco exam also begins from several efforts. As a candidate, you have to dedicate your time and effort in pursuing what’s important to you because the exam needs all the commitment you can give. You’ll have to prepare for it with various study tools that include 210-260 exam dumps among others.

With dumps, it becomes easier for you to go through the test content. These valid questions and answers available have been uploaded by those who previously took and passed this exam, that is why they allow practicing exactly with the needed topics. Some braindumps, known as premium have also been proved by IT experts.

Through the Prepaway.com web resource, you can access free exam dumps for your practice. You’ll be using the VCE Exam Simulator to open the files. This software will help you get a taste of the real test: see its environment, receive detailed reports on your results, and get used to the timing. Along with free vce files, you can purchase a Premium Bundle that goes for $34.99, thus you will obtain a validated exam dump with 520 questions and answers and a 629-page study guide. 

Exam 210-260 Important Information

Note, that 210-260 is one of the tests Cisco is planning to retire soon. Once it’s retired, you’ll be taking new exams that will lead to the new CCNP Collaboration certification. There will be two required tests to pass, the first one is 350-801, which is the core exam, the second one you’ll choose from four concentration exams available on the Cisco official website.

If you’ll have gained the current CCNP by the time it retires, you’ll automatically earn the new one. Being a leading IT giant in the networking field, Cisco is interested in equipping its candidates with the most relevant skills.


To perform well in the exam and enjoy the benefits, ensure to prepare accordingly. Seek for help on the thematic forums if you feel stuck during your preparation. When you train thoroughly, practice with exam dumps, and seek for the required experience, before taking your Cisco 210-260 exam.

Your hard work isn’t just about getting those nice grades and earning the CCNP Collaboration credential. It’s also about gaining the skills that will help you enjoy impressive success in your networking career.

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