Practical Tech to Better Yourself One Day at a Time

A few months into a new year many people begin to lose steam on their resolutions. Luckily, our phones are with us where ever we go and most of them are easily held in one hand. Take advantage of the limitless apps designed to keep you on track with your new year goals and don’t lose the distance you’ve gained so far.

Physical and Spiritual Health Tracked

Start with a health and fitness app like Google Fit, Lifesum or LG Health available in the water and dust resistant LG G6. You can add activities manually to these apps, but they will also track what you do and give you guidance through tips and feedback based on your routine.

They keep you motivated along the way as you increase or decrease in activity levels. Other apps like calorie trackers, meditation, and spiritual guides can integrate with each other to give you a broad view of your health.

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Some good options are MyFitnessPal, Calm and specific exercise apps with yoga guides, weightlifting or running assistants. These can all be found in app stores like Google Play.

Creativity for Mental Health

Art or craft are considered cathartic methods of expression and good for your mental health. If you have started projects in the past and need some inspiration to get back to these healthy endeavors, a few robust but still free apps to choose from include YouTube, Pinterest, or Houzz. JoAnn and Michaels have store apps with coupons to help you stock up on all those needed supplies.

Don’t forget to Pinterest or Instagram the final results of your project. Most phones now have excellent cameras around the 13 megapixels size.

Sharing is a great way to inspire others with the results from your own inspiration. Another location to download these apps is Apple’s App Store.

Find Time for Health

A growing number of appliances and security systems are joining the group connected to the Internet of Things. Many have optimized apps to connect all your able home devices.

They allow you to spend more time focusing on your health and wellness as you control a robot vac or washing machine right from your phone.

Other ways to find more time in your day are to use your phone’s calendar to organize and set your schedule for each day of the week or to try other apps to take quick notes, make to-do lists and track your tasks on the go.

Get Social to Stay on Track

Online or in person, sharing your goals, progress, and setbacks through these and other apps on your phone will help you stay on track and remind you that others out there are winning and losing while trying to keep their resolutions too.

Look for Pinterest fails when you feel like you are the only one failing. Humor is a great way to accept defeat when you don’t do as well as you hoped.

Maybe your fail post can encourage someone else to laugh at their own fails and give them a nudge to try again too. Let your phone capture your beautiful success when you are ready for that perfect Instagram post. Or, remember to share your activity progress like most steps taken in one day, most calories burned in a day, or weight loss goals met.

We all have phones with us, so let’s use them to keep track of, connect and encourage each other to keep reaching our goals.

Image – Courtesy of Pixabay.

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