How to Protect Yourself From Atom Bomb

While roaming through the internet found a descent article on what if the world war 3 comes upon us. Well for sure that wont be a war of machine guns or fighter planes.. Would be worse.. Maybe it'll be the warfare of nuclear bombing. Hmm.. So we might need some tips on saving ourselves from that kind of situation. Is there a way to do it? Well it's an article worth reading. Millions upon millions of the world's population today are fearful of A-bomb attack. Hanging over our heads is the atomic sword of Damocles.

How to Get a Temporary E-mail Address

Maybe sometimes you need a temporary e-mail address to use for a specific period of time only. But signup for a new free e-mail address will take you sometimes and it'll refer back to your original e-mail address. Most of the free e-mail providers doesn't allow you to delete of the account. Guerrilla Mail provides […] Read More

How to Stop Worrying

We tend to worry a lot about things we can't solve and whats the point of doing it. If we really need to move ahead in life we need to control the how we get worried about things. Too much anxiety can cause brain trauma and heart problems. Not everyone is upto that level to […] Read More

Find Default Passwords for Routers

Some of you may know routers comes with own administration panel and administration panel access requires passwords. Sometimes for security reasons we need to change the passwords. But what if you've lost the manual of the router now you can't configure it because you can't remember the default password. Well here is a site can […] Read More

Ever Look for a font that you need

It's been many many times i've ended up in a situation that i need a font urgently and alas i couldn't able to locate it anywhere. Many times i was looking for a descent type face or font but i can't find a neat place to find it. If you do publications, webdesign, media works […] Read More

Nutrition Facts and Details of a Food

Everytime you drink something or grab a burger or maybe just have some fruits, have you ever given the nutrition facts for the foods you are taking. Even you want to you wont be able to get a reference manual for it. But hey there is a solution, why not head over and get exact details of the foods you are taking within a few seconds.

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