Do We Need to Test our Software and Who are Software Testers

What is the process of software testing?

Software testing is essential procedure to make sure your product will operate effectively and as excellent as expected on any device and with any web browser. Basically, testing answers two major questions:

  • Does this software do what it should?
  • Does this software operate the way it should?

QA procedure allows making sure that the end result is exactly what software developers tried to create and to predict what problems may occur in future in order to eliminate them in advance. Noticing potential problems is an important assignment as these “bugs” can affect software during the process of designing.

Bugs or undesired performance of software are the main threats to its quality and value. web application testing specialists work to uncover as well as to eliminate these flaws. Full cycle testing ensures that software will operate flawlessly and won’t create any problems for your business.

Who are testers?

We often confuse notions of software developer and tester. Main assignment of the developer to build, design a product and tester should look for flaws that obstruct from smooth performance. Responsibilities of the software tester include:

  • monitoring applications and software systems;
  • stress, performance, functional, scalability testing;
  • making bug reports;
  • quality assurance;
  • running manual and automated tests, and much more.

Testing services include:

  • Full-cycle testing;
  • Mobile apps testing;
  • Web apps testing;
  • Performance, load, stress testing and more.

Even developers are making mistakes while creating software and these errors can be expensive and dangerous. Therefore, testers must ensure everything operates flawlessly.

Do we need to test our software and who are software testers

Importance of test automation for mobile gadgets

Sometimes, when launching a new product in the field of mobile devices’ development preliminary tests are skipped. For developers it is better finding out about bugs and overall imperfections present in a newly released product on the testing stage rather than from customers’ negative reviews. Using services of testers allows identifying significant amount of any errors.

Team of experts from DeviQa is proficient in dealing with the automated testing of mobile applications and knows that the main issue is in final control of the app interface. What are main benefits of carrying out proper testing procedure? Consistency, efficiency, reliability and much more. And what stages include quality assurance process?

  • Confirmation of software requirements;  
  • Making work plan;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Introducing ideas to advance software efficiency;
  • Writing reports about results.

Experts in quality assurance aim to make your process of software development more efficient as preventing any bugs and errors from intruding in the process.

In order to point out all present defects, make sure you address professionals who will guarantee the quality of your software. The quality of your product will influence its popularity and company’s reputation on the market.

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