Advantages of Modern Computer Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring is a general and widespread practice in many companies around the world. Video monitoring and phone calls recording are often used as the security measure or as an easy way to check attendance and evaluate work performance of the staff members. But with a wide spread of mobile and computer technologies, these old ways to monitor employee activity at the workplace may not give sufficient results. Staff members may pretend to work diligently on their computers, but in reality they would spend time on Facebook, send and read private emails, do online shopping, watch funny cat videos, or even worse, misuse sensitive data or do some malicious actions. The only reliable way to stop employees wasting their working hours is to install a good computer software.

How to Choose the Best Employee Monitoring for Specific Business Needs

It might be challenging to choose the right software for a company’s specific needs as there are many employee monitoring programs available on the market. A lot of business owners who want to gain full control over their companies choose employee surveillance programs with advanced features to monitor multiple staff members in real time and provide immediate feedback if they waste working time on non-work related activities. You should consider the reasons why you would want to monitor your employees and what results you want to achieve before to make the final decision.

Advantages of Modern Computer Monitoring Software

The Best Features of Computer Monitoring Software

  • When using modern employee monitoring software businesses can track their employees’ activity and online communication and use the gathered information in the decision-making process. With computer software, executives and team leads can track web history, record email, record keystrokes in IM chats and apps in real time, view screenshot history, check all files operations and detect inappropriate interest to specific confidential data.  
  • Software is easy to install just in a few minutes and you don’t need to have a degree in computer sciences to configure and operate it.
  • There is no need to get access to the computers – all reports are available on a network and can be read anytime.
  • Software can work in a stealth mode and employers can monitor their staff members without informing them about that.
  • Managers and supervisors can view multiple computers at the same time in the company network.

Statistical data show that computer monitoring disciplines employees and improves their work performance. Keeping track of staff members’ activities when they are using company computer is especially important when they deal with sensitive data to prevent data leakage. Employee monitoring software is also an effective tool to detect disloyal employees, improve cyber security for company’s network and prevent external threats.

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