7 Must-Have Lead Generation Tools To Grow Your Small Business In 2020

Be it an initiation of a small business or first steps, starting something new can be quite intimidating without proper tools and guidelines, without which; one might take a random road out of a wild guess and with a hint of bad luck, end up in the middle of nowhere. This is why lead generation tools are so important to make use of.

An initial and a very big hurdle in turning a small business from nothing to something is its reachability. Not a lot of people know that your company exists, and so comes the trouble of making people aware of your existence. 

Lead generation is one of the few things new business start-ups must solely focus on because traffic is everything. Here are our top picks of the lead generation tools for 2020


From the success stories of Snack Nation’s 1200 new leads to very weak to doubled sales of Shockbyte, OptinMonster is everywhere. 

With a relatively low $9 annual billing of the basic plan, the software comes with a very friendly and easy to use features. All you need to do is sign up, create a campaign, edit and choose its style (pop up or slide, etc.), add some nice appealing display, add email integration and you are good to go. 

Since its initial launch in 2013, the software claims to have reachability of over a billion people per month. Also, it is known that hundreds of small independent businesses have benefited from the software into paving their way to some nice, fancy companies. 


If you’re on a hunt for a software that offers a free customer relationship management, then HubSpot is for you

Entering this Hub of an intricate mix of Automation using AI and customization, you’ll get to enjoy the Organisation and tracking of your sales leads, Reporting dashboards, business insights, email tracking, meeting scheduling and much more. 

Tracking your interactions and keeping you on top has never been easier, the time of old spreadsheets are long gone now. The software, under its simplicity, has Been praised countless times by entrepreneurs like Leah Lawrence from FoodJets


If your business idea revolves around client interaction via emails, then Sendinblue is the preferable place to start.

Not just email marketing, Sendinblue comes with sending your targeted audience SMS too. With a perfect balance of automation and customization, the software allows you to build custom workflows (welcome messages, Birthday wishes, etc.) to send reminders to your Leads and potential clients. The cloud-based email-marketing tool also allows you to set up target emails and contacts based on your customers’ behavior.

Sendinblue does offer a free plan which includes 300 emails/day which is relatively good for an initial start-up


Sendinblue requires you to input emails, what if you don’t have them yet? What if you don’t have a client base you can send promotional messages to? Well, then we suggest you go on a Hunt.

Say you want to target the audience of a specific website. Simply add Hunter’s Chrome extension. When you visit the website click on the Hunter icon at the top of the page and you’ll see a list of emails directly in your browser. Magic!

The hunter hunts emails Associated with the domain name of the website you’re visiting which means that for each email address, the extension provides a source where the email was found. 

Hunter also includes a confidence rating that tells you that the email is likely a correct one.

Just be careful not to spam people when you use this. 


In the era of Information technology, gaining intelligence is not just limited to countries now. Hoovers comes with the intelligence of over 85 million companies worldwide 

These guys claim to have the world’s largest commercial database which you can use to your advantage in building a targeted list of new prospects too. Then comes the built-in company information there that will help you have nice conversations with those prospects to turn them into leads. 

With having access to those companies’ databases and with more than 100 million professionals, their social media links and news feeds, just imagine the precise targets you can hit. 

Also, it comes with a lead builder, just set your requirements and leave the rest to mighty hoover, it will give you all lists that are complete with emails and phone numbers and makes your task easier to perform sales and marketing.

If you’re cautious about how Hoover collects its data, then the answer is by using the D&B World base which collects their desired data directly through their global alliance network of local partners. 

Hoover prices vary on the number and type of contact information. Generally, essential subscription consists of $89/month for access to all Hoover’s data


It is a CRM tool helping you connect and keep track of prospects and sales leads throughout the sales line. 

Keap helps you store customer information in one location, like an automated spreadsheet, and at the same time tracks your interactions. Also, it comes with an automated follow up ensuring your responding to clients immediately, this is to your advantage since it allows you to greet every new lead with a personalized message and reminders to existing clients

You can build a campaign too in Keap with personalized configurations, then tell it to go to work and it will automatically capture new leads, assign tasks and send emails, all the while you’re having a nice nap

Pricing starts at $79.00/month with no free version. It does come with a trial though.


With a claim of being the #1 CRM of the world, they enable you to become the company your customer wants you to be, says themselves.

The cloud computing service as software enables you to move deals faster and track customer information/interaction so you can make more insightful decisions. It also has an automated email engagement and delivers social experiences by connecting the clients directly to your sales and marketing. 

Pricing for Salesforce cloud starts from $25/user per month for essentials to about $300 per user/month, which to be honest, is quite much for an initial start-up. So, we recommend the essential package if you happen to land on Salesforce.

In short, lead generation isn’t just about increasing the traffic on your website or social account… It’s about convincing the current visitors that you are worthy of their trust and that they need your products. It’s also about exploring the world via the internet to target specific prospects so your business keeps growing and doesn’t run out of funds. 

Say your business start-up is focused on fashion, first you’ll need to research which countries thrive in the Fashion market. Examples could be Paris, London, New York and Dubai. Next, you’ll choose which country to start with.

Remember to not start with a country fully boosting and completely saturated in the field so Initial start-up in Paris wouldn’t be a great idea but Dubai could be a nice place to start with the potential to catch the interest of investments.

Now you have to start your campaign. So, for your Lead generation Dubai Campaign, you’ve got to attract clients from the specific target area and engage them, for which you shall use any of the websites and software we discussed.

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