Your Brand Voice on Facebook – 6 Most Important Factors

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Social media marketing is an essential tool for any business, and Facebook is by far the most popular and most effective network. If you have your own business, it is so important to understand how to use Facebook to promote your brand. When you create a page for your business, you are potentially reaching millions of consumers, and you make your brand more accessible to them. You can directly interact with your customers, and keep the conversation about your product or service going. How you brand yourself on Facebook is worth putting extra effort into. You will want to maintain consistency and humanize your brand. Here are some strategies to keep in mind for branding on Facebook.

1. Consistency


Your Facebook page will be a direct representation of your business. For many people, it will be the first, sometimes only, place they look for more information about you. You want to make sure that your Facebook page is consistent with the image you want to portray. Make it an extension of your website or store, and build upon the marketing strategies you already use. Your Facebook page shouldn’t be an entirely rogue enterprise, it should a dependable example of what your business is all about.

2. Humanizing


Facebook is an amazing tool for humanizing your brand because the nature of Facebook is to connect and share with others. When you bring your brand directly to the people, you humanize it for them. Your customers will be able to learn about your product or service on a level they can relate to. When they interact with your business, they will feel that it is accessible to them rather than a complicated corporate enterprise that is above their reach.

In order to effectively market your brand on Facebook, you will want to use all of its available features to achieve the consistency and humanization you’re striving for. Here are just some ways you can use Facebook for your business.

3. Consumer Interaction

Customer Interaction

The best way to make your brand seem current and relatable is to interact with your consumers. Encourage them to tell you what they think about your product or service through comments and messages. Respond to their inquiries in a timely fashion. Keep the conversation going by posting updates with questions and interesting information and encouraging your fans to comment. If someone has a complaint and you quickly offer an apology and a solution, you will show that your business cares. Use your page to further humanize your brand by asking for your customer’s opinions and suggestions. As a business you should truly take their feedback into consideration.

4. Trends

consumer trends

You can keep up with trends in consumer opinion through Facebook much more quickly than with market research studies or other methods. Just log on and see what people are saying, then use this information to improve your brand.

5. Expansion


Use Facebook to expand your business and branding. Create opportunities for people to get to know your business more, with pictures of your work environment and profiles of your employees. Offer exclusive discounts, coupons and contests that will encourage people to “like” your page. Post about relevant news and information relating to your brand. Just make sure everything you post is consistent with the personality of your brand.

6. Social Marketing Ambassadors


A good way to maintain consistency in your branding on Facebook is to keep it consistent with who does your social media posting. Appoint employees who have a good understanding of Facebook to be your social marketing ambassadors. This will help keep your brand consistent by introducing your customers to certain employees that they hear from regularly. This will help ensure that the voice of your Facebook page is reliable and unchanging.  


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