How Money Management is Made Easier Than Ever with Technology

Today, there is no doubt that technology is an integral part of every aspect of our lives. From your living spaces getting a smart upgrade through your smartwatch and fitness app watching your every step in an effort to keep you healthy and fit all the way to most of our jobs relying on at least some form of technology; those who refuse to use it, is only making it harder on themselves.

Enter, money management – for some people, a satisfying thing to delve into, for others, a tiring chore where you just cannot come out as a winner. However, technology is here to help make money management easier on so many fronts that it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Here are some ways’ money management is thus made easier than ever with current tech.

Forget about credit cards

Once a huge innovation, traditional credit cards might soon become a thing of the past with smart technologies that are emerging in developed countries. With wallet apps such as that from Apple and different types of mobile payment getting into the spotlight, payment is made easier than ever. For instance, barcode/QR payment is becoming more widely used lately – this involves payment via simply showing your own barcode/QR code on the screen of your smartphone for the cashier to scan. This will make it sufficient for you to carry your mobile phone only and forget about hefty wallets you cannot fit in your pocket.

Accessible anywhere, anytime

Everyone older than Gen Z will remember tedious, long waiting times in banks on a weekly or even more frequent basis. You couldn’t help but feel like you are wasting time even though you were there to get some very important and necessary tasks done. Now, with online banking tools, you don’t need to go to the bank anymore for every mundane task.

Moreover, you can check your account balance whenever and wherever, with the tap of a screen. This will help you be always in the know and also allow you to notice on time if something is out of the ordinary. In addition, you will always be able to get a clear picture of what is happening to your finances – where your money is going to and coming from.


Similarly, to the previous point, technology is now allowing us to save time while keeping everything well-organized. The same way your employer is probably automating the deposit of your paychecks, you can automate the payment of each of your bills as well as your mortgage or other loans. While this will make checking your bank account a somewhat less happy experience, it will make sure you are never late with payments and your credit score remains impeccable.

For instance, it would be very beneficial if you automated the minimum payment on your credit card, as we all know how ruthless the consequences of late payments can be. You can also automate saving a certain amount each month. All in all, automation is saving us a lot of time, but if you don’t want to completely give up control, you can also opt for reminders instead.

Easier management

While technology might have made finances a tad more complex in some aspects – with Netflix and Spotify subscriptions draining away bits every month, it has certainly also made an effort to make their management more streamlined. You can turn to the simplest money management apps if you just want the basic tasks covered, or you can even look for apps that will loyally tell you how much you are allowed to spend on a daily basis after rigorous calculations, taking into account all your financial information and your savings goals. All in all, finance management apps can be a great help if you’re not a born accountant yourself.

Saving money along the way

With a smartphone in your hand, it is very easy to compare prices even as you go: let’s say you are at a store and are considering purchasing some goods. You can, on the spot, check whether other stores sell the same goods at a better price.

Moreover, you can always search for deals online to cut back on the amount you must spend. Now there are coupon apps to help you out on this front too: cut out the tedious searching part from the equation and have all the relevant coupons delivered to you and saved on your smartphone, ready to use. The same goes for promotions at your favorite stores: signing up for their mailing list will deliver the relevant info to you about when the next sale is going to be.

Other ways in which technology can help you save money boil down to things you do every day and never even realized. For instance, with the widespread use of messaging apps today, no one is even sending text messages or making expensive calls anymore – you can do all that in the apps for free. This is especially important when making international calls.

Making money online

Nowadays, it is also quite common for any kind of business to outsource some of their tasks to freelancers and such. This means that the opportunity to make money online went from a mere scam-sounding offer popping up in your browser to an actual, viable career path. Besides freelancing (such as content writing and website designing), you can also turn to doing small, simple tasks such as filling out surveys or go big by starting your own blog or business in the online world. Basically, with a laptop and a working internet connection, your possibilities to make some pocket money or even earn a full wage are endless.

Technology is making our everyday lives easier, and this includes money management too. With the right apps and tools, you can keep your account balance in check, spare a ton of time by automating what needs to be paid anyway, easily manage all your incoming and outgoing money, get personalized guidelines to match your spending habits and save a considerable amount of money (or even make some) if you’re resourceful enough. The future is now, make the most of it.

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