5 Key Aspects to Look for in a Guard Tour System

Are your guards actually working or sleeping during their job? Well, it is not possible for you to determine because you are not going to be present all the time and keep a check on them 24/7. So, how to know if the guards are working on time and that they are accomplishing their duties? Certainly, a guard tour system is the one mechanism to have for your business, Security Company or even your property.

A guard patrol system or guard tour system is the software used for automating the process of securing properties or events. It allows for monitoring guard tours so that the guards or security officers do not get distracted from their purpose and maintain a high-security level. It offers a guaranteed protection of your valuable assets.

When it comes down to choosing a guard tour system, there are a number of options available. So how to determine a perfect fit for your purpose?

Well, there are certain parameters to look out for while selecting a guard tour system:

#1. Real-Time Access:

When you are selecting a guard tour system, first, determine whether it provides a real-time access or not. If it is offering this value, then it will have the following benefits:

  • A real-time guard tour system will eliminate any delays of information.
  • Your guards, supervisors and managers will be able to gather information in real-time.
  • They will be able to communicate using radio devices from one station to other.
  • The manager will be able to keep a check on whether or not all the guards have accomplished their assigned duties; whether they arrived at their scheduled checkpoints and by what time did they arrive?
  • Any potential threat or incident can be informed via this system at the right time so that a higher level of security is maintained.

This real-time system relieves managers from much of the paperwork and other time-consuming tasks like making phone calls every now and then, filling forms, controlling patrols, or visiting specific areas.

#2. User-Friendliness:

A guard tour system should be as user-friendly as possible. Simplicity is the key here. One must look out for this key aspect of the software. A guard tour system will be used by your guards, supervisors, and managers. So, the system ought to be easy in terms of its use. While some of the guard tour systems provide advanced features and are really expensive; they create more trouble than their worth as they are complicated. This should be kept in mind while choosing a guard tour system.

A smart guard tour system is the one that offers mobile application use. It can be used by guards for completing basic operations. The reason is simple, mobile applications are handy, pocket-friendly and easy to use.

#3. Reliability:

Reliability is the one key aspect that shouldn’t be missed while looking out for a guard tour system. After all, you are deploying it for a purpose and that purpose should be fulfilled.

A reliable guard tour or security system is the one that is available offline and immune to third party attacks.

When your guards are on their duties, they might be touring a geographical area having a weak network. In that case, it is necessary to have a system that could operate in offline mode as well. It should be able to generate information on the pending check-ins, GPS location of every guard on duty and inactive checkpoints.

It should also be secure and resistant to any kind of manipulation. The accuracy of information is what you are looking for in the system and it should serve this purpose.

#5. Cost-Effectiveness:

You may wish to have a guard tour system that is reliable and secure but what if you end up selecting a different one than you need? What if the system is not worth for the cost? Well, to avoid this from happening, try looking out for a provider or system that offers a free trial period.

By doing so, you can be sure that you are only paying for your needs. A free trial may also be beneficial when you want to know how flexible your team is with the system.

#5. Flexibility:

It is important to know how flexible your guard system is in its operation. For example, you may require shifting your office to other location in future. Keeping this in mind, it is good if your guard tour system supports a cloud database. So, that installation to a new place is easy and effective. A guard tour system may consist of several geographical areas spread out across the countries and cloud-based software is a prerequisite for every security business.

Also, it is a plus point to have system assisting event reporting using images, timesheet management, a mobile app with a panic button, task assignment and advanced reporting to asset owners.


It is necessary to evaluate a guard your system based on the above key aspects when you are finalizing upon anyone. It will only help you save time, money and efforts in the long run. You can always ask the experts in the business to guide you in selecting the right guard tour system according to your needs and demands. This will save you from selecting a system that is different from your requirements.

A real-time, user-friendly, reliable, cost-effective, and flexible guard tour system is what you want at the end of the day!

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